Frequently Asked Questions in my INBOX

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Hello Bit-friends. This blog is for the answers of your questions sent in my inbox. I'll do it this way because questions from most of you were the same. 


  • Is this Site paying? - Yes! Of course And I already received 34 payments as of now.


  • Can you give some tips on increasing Buzz scores and earnings? - INVEST for GEMS and use it in submitting high quality contents and BE ACTIVE. Plus shop and donate =) you'll gain rewards from shopping. AND Do the Daily quest.


  • Can you Help me how to use this? - Just post in all categories anything you want , your interests, blogs, movies, pictures and many more. Log in daily. BUZZ = LIKE . Subscribe and buzz the posts of other members too.


  • How Can I withdraw my earnings here? - minimum amount to withdraw is BTC0.02510. Just input your BTC wallet address. or Coinbase. But if it's your  first time withdraw ,You are required to submit 2 IDs when you receive an email from Bitlanders asking for your IDs.


  • How many days to wait to receive payments? - Based in my experience, it's 2-3 days before we receive payments. Be patient guys =)






SO when there will be someone asking me these questions specially newbies I'll just send this to them =) Because I don't check my Inbox often >.< Because after I reply, as expected there's a follow up question that I wasn't able to answer quickly. 


G O O D L U C K!

H A P P Y E A R N I N G!!!

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