function and detail of blood with its working component

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Blood is the important part of the body without it human body can not survive. In human body, blood consist of different components. In blood, water, salt, sugar will be the part of it. There are three types of blood in human body which are white blood cell, red blood cell and platelets.  Blood circulate in arteries and veins. Blood consist of both oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. The arteries and veins helps to circulate the blood in the body.

The arteries collect the blood of the whole body and transfer it to the heart where the deoxygenated and then veins supply this oxygenated blood will be oxygenated to the whole part of the body. In human body the water, sugar salt, carbohydrates, fats will be present in a specific amount. If this amount will increase or decrease then the disorders will occur in the body.

If the glucose and sugar level is increases then the people become the patient of diabetes and if the amount of fats increases then the disease of high blood pressure will occur. The less amount of water in the blood will become thickness of fluid when this blood will be so thick then also people will become a patient of blood pressure.

The blood are also divided into groups which are A, B, AB and O groups of the blood. O positive is the universal donor of the blood. The peoples in which blood group is o negative it means the platelets were not present in the blood. Due to absence of platelets the clotting of blood would not take place as a result due to small cut the death will cause.

There are so many diseases occurs in the deficiency of the blood in human body. Blood cancer is one of the disease in which the body do not form new and fresh blood and in the blood which is already present in the body will be used. In the cancer, patient will be changed the blood every year and if they do not change the blood as a result the patient will die.

So blood is very essential element of the body which is not on the present in human beings but also present in the body of the animals and without blood the survival will not be possible.

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