Posted on at is one of the largest and most trustworthy scrypt cloud mining providers. They’ve been reviewed by also and received the highest rating there. Thing is, you can get a discount there use Promo code x51pui

You can register for free, you don’t need the code there yet. But on the Order Page, there’s a field for Promo Code, and that’s where you enter the Genesis-Mining promo code. Currently that code will give you a 3% discount, but I hope it’ll be more soon. The more people use my promo code, the more discount it will give. So, tell your friends, your neighbors, you family, and their neighbors, anyone you meet, to use the x51pui code!

Here is a screenshot of the Order page at You can pay by bank transfer (yes!), though that’s a bit slow. But you can also pay for your hashrate with Bitcoin and Litecoin, and soon Paypal and Credit Card.

Hahsrate doesn’t come in small packages! The default packages start with Gold package, which is 1 MH/s of scrypt hashingrate, for $17.99 . If you think 1 MH/s is peanuts, then there’s the Platinum package, which is 20 MH/s for $339.00 . For the big boys and girls (though, it still seems to be a male world mainly) there’s a nice Diamond package. 100 MH/s for a mere $1499.00. Important to know, 1 MH/s is the minimum amount of scrypt mining hashrate you can purchase and 100 MH/s is not the maximum. For those who like to go in between, don’t fear. If you choose Custom Hashpower on the Order page, you can set your own number. Starting with 1 (MH/s), all the way up to 500. At 500 you save like nearly 2 Bitcoin on the purchase price with discount. If you want even more (and who doesn’t…) you need to get in touch with Genesis-Mining, which is mentioned on the Order page.  PROMO CODE: x51pui

Why choose Well, besides being the highest rated they allow you to choose which coin to mine. You can choose “Auto BTC”, which will mine the most profitable coins and convert those to Bitcoin. Then there’s “Auto DRK”, which wil do the same, except that coins will be converted to Darkcoin. But you can also pick a list of specific coins to mine. Currently that is Megacoin, of course, Feathercoin, Lottocoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Auroracoin and Blackcoin. More coins will follow. One of the nicest features is that you can divide your purchased hashrate over several coins! Say 50% to Megacoin, 30% to Bitcoin and 20% to Darkcoin. Payment will be done every day to the wallet of your choice.

New coins will be added in the future!

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