Get a Higher BuzzScore: Submit your content for review

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Get a Higher BuzzScore: Submit your content for review

To promote, encourage and reward high quality content and help its contributors reach a higher BuzzScore, bitLanders is launching a new feature: the Content Review.


What is the "Content Review"?

"Content Review" allows users to submit their content to our Chief Content Reviewer Hillary Summers. High quality content will receive high scores and bonuses. Users can submit their blogs, videos and picture galleries for review


What are the requirements to submit content?

Submitted posts must be:

- in English
- written in proper English
- well formatted
- original
- tagged with relevant keywords

Submitted movies must be:

- in English
- original
- tagged accurately

Submitted photo galleries must:

- follow a theme
- contain more than 5 images
- be tagged accurately


How do I submit my content?

Once you have written your blog and/or uploaded your video or picture gallery, click on the arrow at the top right of your blog/video/gallery and choose "Submit for review". In the window that opens, review the cost to make sure you have enough Gems and click "Submit".

Once the content has been reviewed by Hillary, you will see a badge at the top right of the blog/video/gallery displaying the score (from 0 to 5). She'll come back to you with some advice on how to improve. Make sure you listen to her if you want to reach high scores!


What is the cost?

The cost varies depending on promotions, the amount of your submission for the day, avatar gear and avatar skills.


How can I make sure my content will receive a high score?

For blogs: write original content and in proper English. Make your posts visually appealing by adding relevant images and embedding videos. Do not plagiarize content from the web or other bitLanders users. Make sure you use relevant tags

For videos: upload original and meaningful content, of high quality (image and sound). Write a synopsis and choose a relevant image for the poster. Do not plagiarize content from the web or other bitLanders users. Make sure you add tags.

For galleries: make sure your images follow the same theme in the gallery with at least 5 pictures and are of high quality, with relevant tags.


Why should I submit my content for review?

Creating high quality content and submitting it for review is the best way to reach a high BuzzScore. For example, one well written post is worth more than ten thousand spamming comments.


Get creative and happy submitting!


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