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Most people go to the gym and do one of a few things; either they get on one of the many pieces of cardiovascular equipment and go for 30 min to an hour or they take a class or head to the weight room and pump iron. You’ll find the same people doing the same things year in and out getting minimal results and not looking very different from the day they signed their membership agreement.

Now I suppose one could argue that thats better than sitting home on the couch doing nothing and to a certain extent they’d be right. The problem here is that over time because this type of “working out” becomes routine they stop seeing results and either loose interest sustain some type of repetitive use injury or switch to another form of exercise but never change the level of intensity and fall into the same pattern.

Its not enough to go the Gym Yoga studio or Martial arts Dojo and go through the motions or fall into a routine and expect to truly get fit. True change requires focused intensity of effort and this type of effort isn’t comfortable if fact it can be down right painful but thats true of all change in life. Think about the events that change your life; loosing a loved one, moving, buying a home, having children they all make us on some level uncomfortable or are painful, why? Because they are not routine. Once you make the choice to really get in shape you’re not just changing your body you’re changing your life.


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Paul Virtue is a life-long athlete who understands the challenge, the pain and the dream. As a personal trainer, he is able to give his clients the benefit of his experience. He turns a deaf ear to excuses and facilitates remarkable transformations. Paul believes in the power of the individual…

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