Glimpse of Boracay Island

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The beautiful low tide shoreline of station 1 near the Grotto where the people are busy taking selfies and photos of the natural view of Boracay beach.

Memoirs in Boracay Island

When I was on vacation at the province last May 2014, I got a message from a friend in Japan that she is scheduled to go home together with her daughter in September. She asked me a favor to go with them back home as we were from the same hometown. I don't have work that time so I granted her request. Anyways, "it's free" and I want to go back home again after three months. I already miss my family as we have quality bonding moments after a quite number of instances.

The time came, September 02, 2014 at around three o'clock in the afternoon, I met them at Solaire Hotel and Casino. We stayed there overnight and we had our flight the following day at 4PM. We reached our hometown at almost midnight already as we passed by a supermarket from the airport for our food and personal needs, them ate dinner at the restaurant. My family knew about the my vacation but they don't know the exact date. So, my mother was surprised to see me at the doorstep of our home.


Walking barefooted from station 2 towards station 1 feeling the fine texture of the white sands. The sun was hot the breeze of the sea was cool and refreshing.


Our itinerary was so hectic. We did shopping the following day at nearby city, the day after, we're all ready and set for "Boracay Island". I was very happy to visit the place again but not too excited like the first time I did. I guess, that was already my fifth one.

We arrived at "Caticlan, Malay Port"at around 4PM. However, we proceeded to "Tabon Port" as the ferry boats for "Boracay Port" were stationed there. I was a mystic and wonderful afternoon where you can watch clearly the beautiful sunset. I could already feel the atmosphere of the island. We bought tickets and rested for few minutes before taking off the ferry. " Here we are Boracay!", my happy companions uttered.


September 7, 2014 at around 9AM in station 2 beach line. It's swimming time, enjoying the clear and cool waters, and the dancing waves of Boracay beach. 


After three years, the changes in the island are noticeable. During my first visit in Boracay in the early 90s, there's no port in Boracay. The motorboat will bring you to the island from Caticlan Port to Station 2 or 3 shorelines depending if low tide or high tide. You have to wade from the ferry to the white sand beach line. The cottages and villas were made of native light materials like "wood, bamboo and nipa palm". You could really feel that you're in the island. But now it's modern and different from previous ones.

It's quite a tiresome trip for us. When we have fixed everything in the hotel, we ate our dinner and decided to drink the wine and tequila we bought from the supermarket in the city than to stroll outside. It was a long sleep for all of us that we woke up at around nine o'clock in the morning.


September 8, 2014 at around 10AM in station 2. Sailing under the hot clear sunny sky. This was one of the most beautiful photos that I have takes in Boracay. 


It was a lot of fun, adventures, swimming, shopping, strolling and partying. That's the life in the island. I just spent some time sitting at the beach with the sunrise when only few people are around and in the after waiting for the wonderful sunset. The sounds of the rushing waves and cool breeze seemed whispers of music to my ears. It somehow gave me solitary peace of mind. Other photos can be viewed in the gallery, check this out!

Although the island seemed crowded especially during summer seasons, the natural beauty of the place still awesome. It is a paradise and gift of nature. We left Boracay with every memories that we have there. It's sad to leave but with the feeling of going back there again and again. See you soon, Boracay!



 It's sad to say goodbye to Boracay but we have happy memories in the island. The photo of the ferry boat going back to Tabon Port.

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