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It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is a heritage instilled in humans, animals, nature and objects that provides a perpetual experience of pleasure and satisfaction. Some people view beauty as a curse while others view it as a blessing.

Virtue aims at beauty
Society quotes that beautiful people have it all. Chances and privileges always tend to befall to well groomed persons. You always find that neat and beautiful personal ways falls into abundant chances in life. Beauty is a great gift which anyone who possesses it should hold it and treasures it.

History considers beauty as an idea above all ideas. In the past history, you learn that different people perceived beauty at different angles. In the past, some cultures attributed beauty with leadership whereby charming young men were selected and trained to be knights who later protected their kingdoms and acted as council of elders. Some attributed beauty with mystical powers whereby beautiful women possessed great powers and were considered as oracles and consultants.

The African culture viewed beauty as wisdom and intelligence. Charming and well groomed people were believed to be wise and intelligent. They were believed to possess supernatural powers which enabled them to do amassing things such as translating dreams and visions, ability to understand different seasons and times for every activity. They were also able to speak to the gods and deliver special information to the people.

Standards of beauty have changed over time depending on the changes in the cultural values. In this new era, beauty is determined by the outlook or the outside appearance of the beholder. According to statistics, features such as; relatively young people, smooth skins and well proportioned bodies are regular features which have been considered to describe beautiful people. Such people tend to feature in areas such as; advertisements, music industry and different high profile firms and institutions.

Due to their charming beauty they land great jobs such as customer care services, secretaries and marketing agents since they have the ability to convince and lure prospective and willing customers to buy and propose their products and services.


Tips to enhance natural beauty
Having enough rest and sleep is an important tip to enhance natural beauty since the body gets time to relax. Sleep really makes us beautiful. During periods of deep sleep, our cells renew themselves. Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep leaves us looking and feeling a bit worse for wear. Sleep regulates blood flow and enables the brain to work efficiently.

Eating healthy food such as fruits, vegetables and drinking a lot of water are also features that enhance natural beauty. Fruits and vegetables are important in boosting body beauty. They contain vitamins and fibers which are essential in body building and an increase in the skin elasticity. Drinking a lot of water drains out harmful toxins from the body which cause different diseases.
Hazards of beauty

Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are known to be one of the greatest risks to human body. They are not fit for human health. Excessive consumption of alcohol dries the skin and the eyes and makes them puffy whereas smoking allows toxins into the body after every puff. Other hazards include lung infections, cancer and lack of enough oxygen in the blood. Abuse of drugs is not the best start to boost your natural beauty.

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