Golden words (Part 1)

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  • World is like a bank and in this you will get that thing that you have stored in it.
  • Although tongue is not a sword but it is mightier than sword.
  •  The greatest enemy of human is his own self.
  • The strictness of teacher is better than love of father.
  • Smile opens the door of soul.
  • Stop the world from his head because chasing it is useless.


  • Wise is one who, that speaks less and hears more.
  • Smile is other name of life.
  • Smile is the source of living of hearts.
  • Smile hides the intensity of worries.


  • Character is like a shop and tongue is its locker, when locker opens then we come to know that this shop is of Gold or Coal.
  •  If you want to be a best person of the society then don’t waist a single minute.
  • If you want success then do continuously hard work.
  • We will able to get success when we will have Self trust.
  • Best skin is not our beauty; our beauty is our good attitudes.
  • Quietness is the best treatment of losing temper.
  • We can recognize the God with the help of Education.
  • A best man is known by his actions not with his words because good words can also emit from the mouth of bad people.
  • Wish is that black night that never ends in the life of human.
  • Love closers the far away people whereas hate Fars away the closer people.
  • Less speaking is best propaganda, less eating is best health and less sleeping is best worship.
  • Death is better than life of servant.
  • If you want to skip some thing then skip mistakes of others.
  • Hard working is that butter fly that sits on the flower of success.
  • The heart that will have ability of bearing, he will never be defeated.
  • The man is not great by himself; his character makes him a great.
  • Losing by speaking truth is better than winning by telling lie.
  • You can find best people in books and you can find worst people in only talking.
  • We say we are destroying time but time says you are destroying your self.
  • We can cross the sea without wetting our feet but we cannot spend our life without emitting our tears.
  • You must hate bad habits of any person but you must not hate that person because of these bad habits.
  • Wealth is best servant but it is also worst enemy.


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My name is zain ul abidin. I am a player of gymnastic and karate. i joined bitlanders at 11th jan 2014.

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