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Good governance is pointed out as one of the largest goal in “Millennium Development Goals” but in Pakistan nothing is realized on ground realities except paper work.MDGs were incorporated to improve macroeconomic framework.In September 2000,UN held Millennium Summit where 139 countries of UN made commitment of working towards a world free of poverty and economic crisis.In 2004 World Bank and IMF started a survey on these MDGs reporting poor performance of the developing countries at MDG’s.

In Pakistan the cumulative inflation rose to 14.1 % in July-April 2010-11 (economic survey) while the unemployment increased from 2.9 million in 2008-09 to 3.05 million in 2009-2010 (Economic Survey) .It must be remembered that economic prosperity and good governance are deeply interconnected .This alarming figures of crippled economy lead us to the prompt measures for ensuring good governance in the country. Political stability and efficient administrative hierarchy are the vibrant components of good governance.Both political leaders and bureaucracy go hand in hand for bringing about cult of good governance through effective implementation of public policies.The tradition of nepotism,lack of democratic norms and political recruitments on high govt offices must be eliminated in order to promote transparency of accountability and supremacy of law at all levels.

In the words of the PM Gilani (while addressing the bureaucracy )

“Let us all be answerable and subservient to the people who are final arbiters.

(source:Business Recorder August 2011)

It is hopefully the reflection of (the intention of) the present create an atmosphere for flourishing good governance.Infact judiciary,executive and legislature of the country must work in cohesion to complete the democratic system as only true democracy can give masses their rights which is absolutely necessary for good governance.Good economic governance would be a remedy for most of the menaces of the governance.

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