Great Perseverance Can Go A Long Way

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Do you believe that those who persevere more achieve more? I do. I believe that every person is given the chance to achieve a better status in life. We just have to find that 'way' that will lead us to success. So what could be the key to success?

I say, perseverance would be the number one in my list. I know a lot of people who are now a successful businessmen/ millionares and billionares who started from rags. The reason behind this? They have set a goal and they have worked hard to make their dreams and goals come to life. If others can do it, I believe we also can. 

Also, aside from being persevering, we should also be patient. There is no such thing as easy money. Everything comes slowly but surely if you'll really focus on it. Remember that before you quit, stop for a moment and think, "I've already walked a thousand steps, why should I turn back?" Remember that we'll never know when will we reach the pot. We just gotta keep on going! :)

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