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The Formation of Greek Gods and Goddesses

    On my photo blog entitled The First Generation of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, I had given a short remarks about the formation of the Greek mythology.  Thus, this blog is the continuation of the formation of the Greek gods and goddesses.

     Mythology is a cultural tradition of a particular place or country.  Thus, this blog is base on the folktales and/or legend of Greece.  This is base on the beliefs and practices of the Greeks beforehand, and/or perhaps their beliefs still continues until this present time.

    Greek Mythology is the body of myths and teachings that belong to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices.  It was the part of the religion of the ancient Greece.

    On my last blog, Gaia the Mother Earth, consider as the first goddess and the mother goddess was married to her son Uranus, who was the ruler of the world thru the help of Gaia.  Their son Cronus was married to Rhea. The world was full of cruelty and ruled by the titans who fought one to another because of throne.  The monstrous characteristic of Cronus ignite him to dismembers his father Uranus and with his mother's help they used the blood of the king Cronus to produce a number of monstrous offspring, those are the titans.  In matriarchal society, son owes a greater loyalty to his mother than to his father.  When Cronus becomes the ruler of the worlds, the divine family is in transition from the mother-dominated society to the father-dominated society that will follow under the rule of Zeus.  (taken from my book, WORLD MYTHOLOGY, second edition by Donna Rosenberg)

    The world that time was in chaos, war of throne continued from time to time.  Rhea, the mother of Zeus was strongly against Cronus monstrous behavior.  The contest of power between Rhea and Cronus as husband and wife begin.  The husband who has that monstrous power was winning against his wife Rhea, that was then, Rhea had solicits help from her mother, brought Zeus to a safer place to escape his son to be eaten by his father Cronus.  With it, Rhea won.

    Cannibalism was existed even before and it is not new to history.  Thus, to gain much power, Cronus disposes his children by eating them to increase his strength, skills, wisdom, and courage.  But in matriarchal, the priestess would eat the flesh of the king to acquire his fertility.  After winning the power, Rhea uses his son Zeus to implement her plan, and made him as the next principal ruler among gods and goddesses.  He ruled with much great authority than Uranus nor Cronus was.  Cronus soul was offered to Tartarus in the underworld and was locked in their forever.  After Cronus, the monstrous titans together with Cronus were disposed, and the war of throne had ended.  The moment Zeus sit on the throne, the gods and goddesses world began.

    The following images were the consisting of gods and goddesses of Greek mythology:

  1. Children of Cronus and Rhea (those who were not eaten by Cronus)                                                                                                                                                                 a)    Hestia is the eldest daughter, she is the goddess of hearth and very gentle.  In Roman she is known as Vesta.                                                                                                                                                                            b)    Hades is the second son of the Cronus and Rhea.  He is known as Pluto in Roman.  He is the king of the underworld after Tartarus.  He has no mercy, and very cruel, the attitude he took after his grandfather Cronus.  Hades abducted Persephone, the only daughter of Demeter and Zeus.  She is taken to the underworld by Hades and make her as his queen in the underworld.                                                                                                                                                       c)    Poseidon is the god of the sea.  He cause the earthquake when he is angry.  He is mighty and powerful like Zeus, but he respected his brother so much and always follow his brother's order.  In Roman, Poseidon known as Neptune.                                                                                                          d.)    Hera is the goddess of marriage and the queen of Olympus.  She is known as Juno in Roman.  Hera also is the next Mother Earth or the mother goddess.  Zeus and Hera were in-love with each other.  Hera loved her husband Zeus so much that respected his plans.                                                                                                                                   e.)    Demeter is the goddess of harvest and the mother of Persephone.  She is known as Ceres in Roman.  Because of her anger on looking to her lost daughter, she turned the Sirens into birds when the Sirens cannot find her daughter.  f.)    Zeus is the youngest among the principal gods and goddesses, yet, he also is the most powerful and ruler of the world.  He is the god of the sky, the mighty king of Olympus.  His temper affected the weather.  He made and implemented the plans.  In Roman, he is called Jupiter.  Through Zeus, minor gods and goddesses were made.  He is consider as the father of mortal and immortals.  He is linked to his sisters Hera and Demeter, his nieces, granddaughters, and even his friends daughters.

  2. The following were the minor gods and goddesses:

  •   Athena is known as Minerva in Roman.  She is the goddess of wisdom, and skilled in war.  She protects Athens, and Odysseus.  She is the first daughter of Zeus to his beloved Hera.

  •   Ares is the god of war.  Just like his uncle Hades, Ares is also cruel, yet, he is a coward.  In Roman, Ares is known as Mars.

  •   Hebe is the cupbearer.  She is the goddess of youth and the third daughter of Zeus and Hera.

  •   The husband and beloved of Aphrodite is Hephaestus by name.  This man is the god of fire and forge.  Though Hephaestus is a blacksmith of the gods and goddesses swords and shields, he love peace and harmony.  Hephaestus is known as Vulcan in Roman.

  •   Persephone is the only daughter of Demeter and Zeus.  She was kidnapped by Hades and made her as the queen of the underworld.  Later, Persephone developed her love to her uncle Hades.

  •   Artemis known as Diana in Roman.  She is the goddess of hunt and a protector of women in childbirth.  Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo from Zeus and Leto, her mother.

  •   Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis.  He is the god pf music and healing.  He is also an archer, hunted with a silver bow.

  •   Eros is the god of love.  He is the son of Aphrodite and Hephaestus.  In Roman, he is known as Cupid, were we can see in every malls, schools, stores, offices during February 14.  He is creative, sexual yearning, love, and/or desire.

  •   Prometheus is a Titan god forethought.  He is the creator of mankind and the greatest benefactor.  He had gifted mankind with fire, which he stole it from Mount Olympus.

  •   Atlas  is the Titan god who is condemned by Zeus to support the heaven upon his shoulders and a person who supports a great burden.  He is the father of Maia who is linked also to Zeus.

  •   Epimetheus is the brother of Prometheus, the god of afterthought and the father of excuses.  In him, the first woman was created, Pandora.

  •   Helios is the god of the sun.  He drive with his chariot each day across the sky.  His Roman name is Sol.

  •   Selene became one of Zeus' woman.  She is the mother of Dionysus.  She is the goddess of the moon.  She drives her moon chariot in across heaven each night.

  •   Maia is the daughter of Atlas who is one of Zeus' woman.  She is a trickster goddess of merchants and travelers. 

  •   Hermes is the god of transitions and boundaries.  He is the messenger god of the Mount Olympus.  In Roman, he is known as Mercury.

  •   The Titan goddess of the oracle, Dionne by name.  She is one of the Saturn's moon.

  •   The goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation is Aphrodite. She is the protector of the sailors.  In Roman, she is called Venus.  Aside from her beauty, she also had a magical girdle that everyone to desire her.  She is the wife of Hephaestus.

  •   Dionysus is the god of wine, revelry, fertility, and dance. 

    To understand it much further, see the video below taken from youtube.

   As time passes by, the creation on immortals and their connection to the mortals create a misunderstanding and war between gods and goddesses and immortals that causes a great disaster among them.

    Greek mythology had contributed an extensive influence to the poets, writers, and in the literature of Western civilization.  It remains a part of their culture, practices, and even to their languages.  Even the existence of this is just a myth and legend, but uses to be the beliefs among Greek.



Note:  Sources of images taken from google.  The composition of the wordings of this blog is mine based on my research and field of concentration.

Thank you for dropping by.  God bless you all! -scb-

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