Had him in my nostalgia yet?

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Had him in my nostalgia yet?
I want to meet Dance and waited outside the guard room . While in class , I find .

Vu went to class early , he saw me he stood up , put his arm on the shoulder pulls away from the classroom .

" Go for breakfast ! "

" Uh no, I brought breakfast under here. " - I pointed to the pair .

" Go ! "

I gestured Dance out , tentatively :
" I want to meet your mother . "

"What ? What did you say about my family ? Do not say : I told you to do , but my girlfriend ? "

Dance always guess my story , as he goes so others clogs in the abdomen .

"I have asked the mother wanted to see what you have , I sure would like to ask about her old apartment . It turns out that the house you are ... "

"I asked what you have to say about your boyfriend, girlfriend? "

Vu interrupted me .

" Actually ... "

" Where is she ? "

" In ... guard . "

Dance pair brought me out of the classroom and to keep guard . I see you just have to install the top buttoned neck . To follow overhear but Vu has pointed towards me directions to the class .

Go timed given him new lessons . Dance review see me again , not ignored .

" She asked me do you ? "

Vu did not respond .

" My parents live in a condominium that from my body before , many of my memories there also should make every parent wants to know where I'm at now is how to use . "

"What you think you see my mom just to talk there? "

" But no ... maybe even something else? "

"Come out , come home , then asked her mother said . "

I plan to ask for more but think of the pool , instantly cease . Took away his keys out .

" You do not eat breakfast , then eat with me . "

Dance away looking bag in my hand , shook his head.

"I flung the bag you that play to that? "

" I cooked her Sticky . Scared me very hungry so she compaction . Eat , do not fear lack anywhere . Eating in class is the best there. "
Suddenly I remembered the performer , she often cooks the food for both breakfast baby gift . Every time you bring to class , Feng told to eat in the new school .

" Eating in time she caught face fines layer corner , why ? "

" Of the delicious food always awkward . ".

As Feng said , two short moment I reached into the desk drawer was briefly a few handfuls of the mouth . Eating , laughing gleefully . Sometimes accidentally touching hands , Feng shook my hand always won before loading section .

But this time , see I enjoy eating in class , Dance imitators , but he's not sticky rice , which gripped my fingers .

Moments like an electric current running through my body.

Pangolin .


I ate this meal the fried fish and lemon spinach .

Sitting at the table , my mother always asked :

" This morning she met Yu said what happened?".

" The true Chun is lucky his house . Just sit next to the kid just learned to behave obediently . The boy did not mean anything , it shows her goofy , mop and wash away all day live update should remind staff glossy layer . Children with other home educated , gentle , polite . "

Dance that behave gently u ? Soon the second session he had me down to the water or , to speak against not with senior citizens , and ham fighting mother said so.

" But why did Chun said it was his girlfriend that boy ? "

" Those students in the class announced only joking . Just handsome boy , the steering station so we must heed it . It also said those views , education is the primary objective , besides helping friends is worthwhile . "

Err err , I 'm talking about someone else , in the whole school against Vu phone but have never seen school , but I remember he once said love do not remember the name so much more lo -girlfriend .

" But I told , do not be mistaken between friendship and love , they age very young children , those gestures interest of vulnerable guys sometimes misunderstood . So do not think about your kindness Vu , concentrate on it. "

" Yeah yeah . "

Actually I did not believe between Vu and I have nothing but friendship . It's just that , sometimes he just say haphazard . ( @ . @ )


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