Hairdressing is a solid career for Afghan women

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Hairdressing is a solid career for Afghan women because minimal training is needed and there is a consistent demand. All of the women who are featured in the decor have at least informal training with their own hair, and a genuine love of the craft. in Afghanistan there are professional women hairdressers which most of them have been trained in abroad  and they are familiar with the nowadays fashion of  hairdressing Although hair and makeup may seem like a important documentary subject considering the daily struggle to be a big part of society , clearly articulates the importance of this seemingly insignificant career:  somehow things that seem silly, like a good hair color or makeup, made a tremendous difference to them in their mood, for a few hours or a day -- and that suddenly seemed very important .  It is hard not to feel d about the future of Afghanistan, particularly the daily lives of Afghan women. in addition of those information i want to give a little information about hairdressing :


Finding the right hair style to suit the shape of your face and the right hair colour for your complexion is often the key  to looking your most attractive. The premise is that hairstyles should be designed to enhance your features and minimize the focus on areas that aren’t so flattering. When choosing a hair style you really need to consider more than just your face shape, i.e. your hair type, hair colour and skin complexion. When choosing a hairstyle it is also important to consider what is in fashion and what is appropriate for your age group.

Knowing and understanding your hair type is also a vital factor in selecting a hairstyle: thick, wavy and curly hair types require a completely different approach from fine or thin hair types. Your hair type will impact greatly on what hairstyles are going to be suitable and manageable for you.

Selecting the right hair colour is all about complexion and skin tone and finding the right shade to enhance your natural skin colour. Selecting a hair colour that is too dark or too light may make you appear washed out or pale and unwell. When colouring you hair with shades of red or red tones you really need to ensure the shade will enhance your skin tone. People with paler skin and natural blondes should go for a strawberry blonde. People with medium complexion should consider auburn and medium reds. People with olive skin look good with deeper reds and burgundy colours. we usually associate them with the technical aspects of their job, "There’s so much more to what we do than cutting hair,". "We also get to change people's lives and make them feel good about themselves." Hairdressers, also known as cosmetologists, are trained and licensed to give manicures, pedicures, and to apply makeup. They consult with and advise clients on proper hair care and skin practices, and learn to tiptoe around the Achilles heel we all share—our vanity. The best stylists adeptly juggle the aforementioned tasks, and in the process, earn both our tips and our trust. And just like many of the professions on this year's list of Best Jobs, hairdressing is more than a career . however Sometimes it's small concessions such as these that allow you to get along in a foreign culture so you can get to know people and they can get to know you. for conclusion i want to say that this is our task to improve afghan women skills and let them to have an important role in the society  , The Afghan Development project was established one years ago with the aim of Women empowerment and during the short time did great jobs with connecting more then 35k famale students to the world is amazing The international community should help Afghanistan to change with the help of Afghan Development project.The hard working of afghan women  made me realize anything, it’s that we should not give up on the Afghan women and help them to increase their talent and abilities through WomenAnnex project that approved this great concept.



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