Happy moments of my journey while travelling to Lower Orakzai Agency FATA Pakistan

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My name is Aamir Ali. I am from Orakzai Agency Pakistan. I want to share my happiness moment of the last week during my field visit to Orakzai Agency. Me and my driver started travel from Kohat City which is 13 Kilometers away from my residential home on 16th of January 2014 at 07:00 AM. We started our planed activity which was related to field my field visit. I just asked to driver “Do you have some music”, he replied, “Yes”. Listening of music during travel is really so enjoyable. After couple of hour we reached to Orakzai Agency’s entry check post. Levy force asked to identify ourself. When they got all the information, which exactly they needed. They allowed us go to cross the check post for entering to Orakzai Agency. Security issue had not normal over there that's why they needed to identify us.

While we reached to Kures village I saw many attractive sight which were in fact incredibly joy able and suddenly I pulled out my Sony 13mp camera and tried to catch photos. The sight as a beautiful one in the bright sunlight and clear atmosphere. Some snow-covered mountains were seen in the distance. Many people enjoyed the beautiful spectacle. After twenty minutes of our journey we reached to Suleiman Khel village which is located 10 KM away from Kurez village and there were also nice scenes and views. Naturally Orakzai Agency is really very gorgeous agency in FATA. I realized that time so excitement and quickly said to my driver that stop the car for taking photos, these view which were very attractive and awesome. I was feeling very freshness and beautiful fragrant of the floweres around there. Later than forty five minutes of traveling we were close to Jabber Ghwakhy (a small village near with Mithu) on top of the mountain and after crossing the Jabber Ghawakhy, Mithu village area underway and believe me that during of snow fall this village broke many records as of area is on the peak of mountain and that travel was really tremendous for yet. While I reached to my field area, I started my job activities.


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