Hard Soul NE Tour day 4 of 11

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Yes, the band successfully made it through staying at a hotel without destroying it.  Currently I’m sitting at the desk in the hotel room on Long Island waiting for the rest of the band to cycle through showers and morning routines; I’m itching to get back on the road. Our trailer, The Enterprise, has been a god send in getting all our gear and production to each show in one piece. Let me just turn back the clock 48 hours and catch you up, starting with our NYC gig.

I love coming to New York City.  We just finished day 3 of our northeast tour with a show that has easily slipped into the ranks as one of our favorites. Everything seemed to fall into place from start to finish. I have no idea how it happens but every time we play NYC we ALWAYS seem to get prime street parking near the venue.  So, in true Hard Soul fashion, the streak continued as we snagged a spot right in front of Desmond’s Tavern. Goes without saying this made schlepping our equipment that much easier.

The show itself was killer. We were tight onstage, and we played what was probably our favorite set-list of the tour.  A couple of times I hopped off stage and gave the first few rows a personal show. There were a few drunken grabs at my guitar neck but nothing that I couldn’t handle. All part of the job. 

It was also great to have a lot of familiar faces in the crowd; our city gigs bring out a mix of close friends, new fans and randoms who happen to be in the venue who end up staying to catch our set. I was extra happy that my friend Margret Drake and one of her friends made it out to see us. It’s always a good time seeing Margret. After the gig, Margret was gracious enough to shepherd the band over to Village Underground so we could blow off some steam. Between break-dancing in front of the whole crowd, and singing on stage with the band I’d say we made a solid impression on everyone there as one hell of a group to party with.

Last night was our gig at The Velvet Lounge in East Seatauket. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods definitely swing by; it was a neat spot. We killed time with the free foose ball that was in the back. Joining us that night was the band Counterfeit Pesos which featured our friend Steve Friedman on guitar. Had some friends on the Island stop by, including my judo buddy Thomas Rahn. The set sort of turned into an impromptu half-electric / half acoustic gig (technical difficulties, bah!). But you just have to take every gig as a learning experience and correct it for the next one.

I have to comment on the group chemistry for a second.  After spending 5 straight days with this lot, it’s comforting to know that we’re still getting along famously!  It’s been non-stop laughter from the moment we left Albany. Some nicknames have sprouted up already, but none that should be broadcast. Names are changed to protect the innocent.

Johnny wakes up EVERY morning at 8:38 AM on the dot.  I’ve never seen a biological clock that was so precise! The rest of the band is still devising ways we can get him to sleep past that.  Some are more practical than others and don’t involve heavy blunt objects, haha.

We’re about the leave the hotel now and head back to NYC to drop off the one and only Aussie roadie/friend/judoka/great guy Danny Simmons.  From there our next stop is Ambler, PA. Another night, another gig.

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