Harry Potter Part and the Sorcerer's stone Movie review

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Hi guys! This is my first blog .I want to write about my favorite my favorite movie review ,Harry Potter.

Parts of movie;

This movie has 7 parts.of which i like the first one the most because of its teachers and i like the character of harry potter.

  1. Harry potter and the philosphers stone ---part 1
  2. Harry potter and the chamber of secrets-----part 2
  3. Harry potter and prisnor of Azkabaan -----part 3
  4. Harry potter and the Goblet of fire -----part 4
  5. Harry potter and the Order of Pheonix -----part 5
  6. Harry potter and The half blood Prince -----part 6
  7. Harry potter and The Deathly hallows ----part 7

Characters of movie;


Harry Potter:   He was the orphan boy who had lost his parents when he was 1 year old.His parents were powerful wizards but the boy lived with the sister of his mother  and husband.The main thing is that Harry  could not live with them freely.He lived as a prisnor.

Father and Mother of Harry; Name of Harry father was "James potter" who married with the beautiful lady named"Lilly".it was a love marriage.

James Potter

Lilly Potter



Teachers of Harry Potter

 Proffesor Dumbledore

Rubius Hagrid





Harry potter was a orphan boy who had strong magical powers of his own who inherited these powers from his parents.He became a student at Hogwarts ,an English boarding school for wizards.There he met many friends who became the closest friends. 



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