Health Problems Related to Nutrition

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Health Problems Related to Nutrition
There can be three problems related to nutrition.
1.Under nutrition
3.Over Nutrition

Under Nutrition
Many people of the poor countries suffer from undernutrition.They donot obtain enough energy to keep themselves healthy as their food is deficient in the required number of calories.Children are specially affected by undernutrition and they suffer from a disease called "Marasmus"

In this disease children are reduced to skelton only and their bodies become completely depleted.Protein deficiency is another serious problem in some parts of the world.

A diet which is missing in one or more essential nutrients can cause malnutrition.Malnutrition for prolonged periods adversely affects the bodies and the person may suffer from various diseases.Malnutrition during pregnancy may cause irrepairable damage to developing baby.

Contrary to malnutrition some people take more than they need.Excess food is stored mainly as fats,leading to obesity.This may cause the health problems such as heart diseases.

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