Healthy Food May Not Healthy Actually

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As the branded company and media showing a product as healthy and as because all are accepting that as healthy that doesn’t mean it actually is. There are many unhealthy foods are available in the market which are made from healthy food and supposed to be healthy.

Like the “Fat-free flavoured yogurt” is made from yogurt and it actually suppose to be healthy. Unfortunately, according to many researchers, any food that claims to be fat-free is contained much more sugar as replacements and ‘Fat-free flavoured yogurts aren’t the exception from this.

So, it is better that, instead of a fat-free flavored yogurt, try normal yogurt with a few pieces of fresh fruit mixing into it. Also to make that sweeten little bit more a drizzle of honey can be added. It is healthier than the supermarket product.

So be conscious, eat homemade healthy food and live healthy.


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