Hello February

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Hello February.


Aside from the fact that February is the second month of the year, it is also a special month for me because it’s my birth month.  The second month of the year full of aspiration and dreams to be achieved before the years runs out.

Now let's get a quick history lesson on the month.

The name February comes from the Latin word “Februarius mensis also know as month of purification”  February as it comes to be called  today is the month of purification, although its old name is “Solmonath” meaning “mud month

The important thing about this very month is aside from having the shortest days in the entire year. February is a month with holidays than any other month in the Georgian calendar.

With 28 days (29 days on a leap year) it is the month of the St Valentine's day, undoubtedly the most celebrated and influential festival in the world.

There are other celebrations associated with the month like President’s Day celebrated in the United States in honour of United State’s great leaders. The month like its people is just full of surprises. Other celebrations include,

 The feast of purification

As we have learnt from the preceding paragraph, the month is a month of purification. LA Bachata Festival  is also celebrated in February.  The feast takes place soon after St. Valentine day. Some noticeable events also took place in history especially on the 15th of February. Events that took place on February 15 can be found writing in details in  Wikipedia

As a February baby, you need to know despite been associated with the God of purity, (Februus) Holidays associated with February are enormous. Celebrate your birth month with the holidays around the world.

There are bizarre celebrations like don’t cry over spilt milk day, umbrella day, plum pudding day and get a different name day, to mention just a few. Some of these celebrations are funny, 19 offbeat holidays you can celebrate in February” 

 Two zodiac signs are associated with my birth-month, Aquarius and Pisces.

These zodiacs signs mixed up things for me quite a lot. I’m forever grateful to God for making this month my birth month. February speaks a lot about my personality.

The two zodiac signs in February

Every child born in the month of February is intertwined with two zodiac sings

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius the water bearer


image credits: Fancypants via sacred solitude 

Aquarius the eleventh month of the zodiac calendar, the people born under these signs are visionaries, progressive, people always thinking of how things can be better.



image credits: aerroscapes via deviantart

Pisces are the happiest, keeping their qualities hidden, selfless people, spiritual, focused and in-balance with their yin and yang, alternating between reality and non-reality.

As Pisces in the time of old are associated with Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter the king of gods, and Neptune, ruler of the sea, no wonder people born under these signs are spiritually inclined and charitable.

February babies are really difficult to discern, as they are mysterious, attractive to opposite sex, honest and hide a lot about their self. They do not hide things on purpose but feels it is not just important and would not want to border you with the details.

video credits: Time Pass via youtube

Though February babies are oversensitive and easily hurt by others, they make friends easily, and sometimes feel lonely. Read people easily

Visit “Famous people born in February” to see a list of great men/women born in this month and the impact they have made on planet earth so far.

The Flower for February.


image credits: Good living Guide via goodlivingguide

You might ask, February has a flower? Well yes, it does! It is pertinent to know that the flowers for February are “Violet” and “Primrose


image credits: wishafriend via wishafriend 

It is not bad, as violet signifies watchfulness, loyalty and Faithfulness. This simply means you are there for your friends, family, enemies, and the people around you even if they are to betray you in the long-run. You are just faithful and loyal to the core!

The February born is always in better shape, despite been faithful, the primrose means “you can’t live without them”

The February Stone


Count yourself lucky to be a February born, because you are in for quite a treat. First comes watchfulness, loyalty, faithfulness, then comes “strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage” the qualities of February stone AMETHYST.

The Amethyst stone is pack with some folklore as Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) noted  that wearing amethyst stone could lead to increase in one’s intelligence.

The Famous February People

I have read that February born individuals are mostly abstract thinkers and I agree. I personally am a person who thinks mostly outside what others are thinking. This gives February born individuals the ability to stand out and be different in an abstract kind of way.


image credits: wish a friend via wishafriend

Although there are are a lot of famous people born in February like in the list above I’ll pick out few with the most influence in the world.


Steve jobs

Christiano Ronaldo

Abraham Lincoln

Michael Jordan

George Washington 

Galileo Galilei

Dr Dre

Thomas Edison

Charles Darwin


Charles Dickens

Gary Ridgway 

Mary I of England

Ashton Kutcher

Ivana Trump 

Rosa Parks  and finally Yoko Ono Without forgetting the Roman Emperor Constantine the great

My point is that all these people are famous in all spheres of life, media, technology, business, commerce and so on. Presidents, actors, singers, artists and so on… the world will not be the way it is today without some of these heroes, inventors and activists even serial killers.

Even in our own abstract mindedness we still make sure those around us see our impact albeit negative.

On a final note

February may be the month we say bye-bye to harmattan here in Nigeria and winter in some other places of the world, it is not enough to say we can’t celebrate the holidays associated with the month.

Activities for the month of February may be enormous. It comes with a little spirit-lifting from the Greek god of purification (Februus) a month to celebrate love (St. Valentine).

I personally see the month of February, AS A MONTH OF THANKSGIVING mostly because it is my birth month and because I wouldn’t have chosen another month to be born if I had the choice, it is a month for me to be grateful to my wonderful parents, to my siblings, to my friends, to my enemies,


I will praise thee ( Jehovah ); for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well

KJV  Psalm 193:14

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