Helping Lives

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                                            Helping Lives

         Hi every one Today I m here to say what we(Me and my few best friends) did to earn respect, love, and self pride 

         I was roaming with my friends on street,like always we do time pass...As we all are busy in our own life handling family taking care of love once..we all together was standing on footpath discussing about our life..

         At that time few needy,hungry and cute children were passing through asking every person on road for help as they were hungry. we felt bad that no one was helping those needy,at that time my 1 friend told us that -we always feel thing to get change, to get better, to help every one, happiness everywhere BUT we don't want to do..we expect someone else to do that thing but we cant do by our self how needy we are...

Listening those word charge us and then we friend give what ever we have that time in our pocket(i mean by money not by our ID cards hehe :P ) we took those children to a Restraunt and order meal for them..when those children start eating one of them told us you guyz are best no one help us with penny and you guyz are feeding us.."THANK YOU"

that thank you make me feel sooooo goooood i was like very much blessed ...i though how lucky i m that i got to help such needy thank God for letting us a chance to help such people

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