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Herat city is an ancient and old city heart is located in the north west of our grand country Afghanistan. And has  border   with  Turkmenistan  from  the  north  and  with  Iran  from the west  so Herat  has  two  commercial   boarders.


Which are  very  important and   are  called    Tourghundy  in  north   and  Islam Qlala  in west  so that  most  of the  export s  and  important s   business  properties  are  sent  to  Middle  Asia  south East Asia  Herat  has  5districts  Obey  Engel   Karokh  and…..

Farah is located in the south gore is located in the east   and budgies is located in the north east of Herat.  There are handicrafts   such as carpet

Gold  smith  is  copper  needing  Glass  manufacture   Herat  with good  weather and  climate  is  suitable  to   grow  many kinds  of cereals  and  vegetables  and  plant  many  cereals  such  as  wheat rice   pea  bean  lentil    vetch    barley   sesame   etc……




Also  many  sorts  of  fruits  can  be  found in  this city  such as  pomegranate  grape   apple   cherry  berry   apricot  peach  walnut   and fig.




Fruits such  as  orange  banana  are  imported  from  Pakistan  and  Iran to Herat  markets.  In winter instead   raisin fig and   walnut are   exported   to neighbor countries Middle East and India.


Some  historical  writer  believe  for  the first  time  Herat  city  was captured  by the Islam  troops  in the age  of Excellency  Omer and  some  people   believed  that  Herat was  captured  at  the time  of Excellency  Osman  the  third  caliph  of  Islam. After that  Herat  was   one  of  the  best   and  developed  cities   around  the  world   since   Herat  greet   mosque   one  of  the   popular  Islamic  worship  places has  a very  long   story.


Herat  according   tour  view  point  one  of  the  best  places  in Afghanistan  every  year  many  tourist  visit  shelter (Ekhteyladen.castle Cazirga sharif  places  which are  Herat  Malan Bridge   Takhte safar     obey spring from  in  this  city   Tour 




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