Heroic boy pretending to die to save a friend from Sniper

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This scene is not in a war movie. Nor is military training. But this is a real event: A boy broke through a hail of bullets fired by a sniper or snipers to save his friend.

This heroic action performed by a Syrian boy. The little boy was trying to approach the girl who was trapped in a car near the carcass. That's when sniper bullets scattered around it.

When step, a shot rang out. The boy fell. Not hit a shot, but the boy was pretending to be dead in order to stop the sniper fire.

Moments later, after the shots subsided, the boy's back up and approached the girl who would be helped. He also managed to reach the girl's hand.

In the rain of bullets, boy was carrying a little girl to safety. Alhamdulillah ... none of the bullets that hit the boy's body. Sniper shooting it turns out there is no telling.

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