Horrors of Science

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 Modern age is the age of technology and science. But science and technology have done more harm than good to man. So, though the modern world has progressed scientifically , yet there is more misery and poverty, more disease and ignorance, more death and destruction, more discontentment and unhappiness then ever before. In the golden days of past, before scientific progress, man used to be healthy and happy, more calm and contented than now.

No doubt, science has provided the people with so many comforts. But , how many of us have them? Hardly few percent of us have been lucky enough to enjoy them. The remaining are living without these facilities.

Man has been changed by machine. It has robbed him of his humanity and his peace of mind. Science has made man selfish, cruel and greedy. Man has lost his old simplicity and sincerity, purity and innocence. Man has wished to master machine. But machine has mastered the man. Man invented machine to serve him. But he himself has become the slave of machine. He cannot live happily even a day without it. Man has sold his liberty to machines.

Science has shaken our belief is religion and moral values of life. It has made man crudely realistic. This world has been deprived of all its beauty and romance. The mystery and wonder of life has finished. The children of this modern age shall never be able to enjoy the old charming fairy tales of the past. Religion awarded man the title of the “ crown of creation” and raised him very high. But science has degraded him and called him a descendant of monkeys.

The invention of terrible war-weapons are threatening the existence of man. The two world wars brought the world to the bank of disaster. The danger of third world war is furiously knocking at man’s door. The development in the field of medicine has reduced death rates. This reduction of death rate has created the problem of over population. Over population has produced many problems like shortage of food, unemployment  etc.

The man of this modern age is unhappy, unfortunate and unsettled. He works day and night to gain happiness. But still he has no happiness, no peace and no satisfaction. In the dim and glamour of machines man remembers his golden past and says “where are they”  the surrounding vacuum replies “where are they”.

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