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Horse is the most beautiful and strongest animal has compare to other wild animals. It is known as the noble animals. The physical features of the horse are, it has a long neck with small head. The horse running very speedy.

In old days, horse is used for visit hilly places and also in agricultural work. The people are also used the horse to shift the goods from one place to another place. Nowadays people use the heart for riding.

Horse is the important part of  horse riding. It is very good game that are mostly held in the Swat valley Pakistan. In many other countries horse is also used has for sports.

Horse is also very faithful for their master and it is the responsibility of every master that they would take care of them properly. Horse eat green grass and also many vegetables.

Horse exist in many colors like white, brown, black. But between all of them the most beautiful is white horse. Horse is very intelligent and graceful animal.

It is also very expensive animal especially black horse and everyone can not afford them. In short horse is very strongest and graceful animals and some people use it for morning walk.

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