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The High Price of Cinema Tickets

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Amazing Gadgets

Edith Navarro

I think that there is no one not to have watched at least a single episode from the Start Track series and the various, but fictional,……

by indaynavarro

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Envy H: 171

abdul weenab

Envy H: 171 are available in the market at about $8500. This most expensive laptop contains Core 2 extreme X6800 processor by Intel……

by abdul-weenab

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Wireless power


The journey towards wireless transmission of electrical power can be traced back to 1902, when Nikola Tesla filed a patent for an……

by Zohaib_Shami

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The F700 is a time machine, sent into the future to rescue the S-class’s mojo. FORGET THE SWEEPING CURVES, challenging proportions……


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Email (or electronic mail) is simply the term used to describe any letters sent from one computer to another using the internet. It……

by hamayoonNoorzai

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Idioms 5

Mohammed Hussein

And in this blog, we are continuing the series of the idioms and its importance in our daily life, here are some idioms that should……

by mohd227

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  IN many countries around the world more and more people live in cities. Cities share many characteristics. But are also different……

by bahmanbarekzai

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