10 Stupidly Expensive Things Purchased by Celebrities

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#10 – Diamond Encrusted Barbie (Beyonce Knowles)

It was reported that the doll cost Beyonce $85,000, since it was covered with more than 150 gems and etched in white gold. Some say that Barbie sets an unrealistic body type for young women, but diamond encrusted Barbie sets a completely unobtainable look. That’s a lot of money to spend on something that a toddler is just going to drool all over anyways.

#9 – Sonogram Machine (Tom Cruise)

Tom Cruise has always been known for being a bit crazy, especially when it came to his ex-wife Katie Holmes (remember the whole jumping on Oprah’s couch thing?) Cruise took his craziness up a notch when he reportedly payed $200,000 for a sonogram machine while Holmes was pregnant.

#8 – Trip To Outer Space (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry has a reputation for being a bit odd, but she’s still not nearly as crazy as Tom Cruise. Still, both of these celebrities had short lived marriages. When Perry’s ex-husband, Russell Brand, was turning 35, she wanted to surprise him with a nice gift. Instead of buying something tangible, Perry paid to send Brand into outer space. That should have been a sign that the relationship wouldn’t last.

Richard Branson is a billionaire who owns a spacecraft called the Virgin Galactic. You can catch a ride on it, but it will cost you $200,000. That’s a pretty hefty price tag, but you get to see most of Earth among the stars, plus you get to float around. Unlike regular flights, the flight attendants on board actually encourage you to unbuckle your seat belt when you get to the highest altitude.


#7 – Waterfall (Angelina Jolie)

Remember that TLC song about not chasing waterfalls? Angelina Jolie really took that message to heart and took the waterfall with her. She wanted to give her husband, Brad Pitt, something special for his 48th birthday and it had to be something to do with his love of architecture.

#6 – Michael Jackson’s Clothes (Lady Gaga)

There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson was the king of pop during his time. Lady Gaga has always been a fan of the late singer, so she ended up buying some memorabilia from his estate after he passed away. Gaga didn’t just buy a couple of signed CD’s either, she went all out and bought Jackson’s clothes.

The wardrobe that Gaga purchased wasn’t limited to just jeans and t-shirts, but instead included a jacket that the singer wore during the “Bad” tour, which cost nearly a quarter million. Gaga also bought Jackson’s iconic crystal glove (which came with a second glove that we never saw him wear) for $100,000. All we know is that if you pay six figures for gloves, they better help you climb walls and shoot lasers.

#5 – Range Rover For Dogs (Miley Cyrus)

The love that some people have for their dogs can get a bit extreme at times. Miley Cyrus has also known to be a tad extreme, so it’s not that surprising what she bought for her two dogs. While most people spoil their pooches with new toys or a treats, Miley decided to go into a whole other level of love. The singer bought her dogs a Range Rover that was estimated at over six figures.

#4 – T-54 Soviet Tank (Brad Pitt)

When you think of movies that had a massive amount of potential but couldn’t quite live up to the hype, one of the first ones in recent memory is “World War Z”. Pitt and the other actors were able to take home an item from the set of the movie. Pitt’s choice for his souvenir was a T-54 Soviet Tank.

#3 – 10 Burger King Franchises (Kanye West)

$7.5 million was the price tag for the Burger King locations that were scattered across Europe. It’s a weird wedding present, but someone told Kanye that they could be pretty successful. Could you imagine being a 16 year old working at Burger King and the boss shows up? It can be pretty nerve-racking, but just imagine if that boss is Kanye West.

#2 – Walnut Farm (James Cameron)

Cameron loves New Zealand, which is a great place to shoot movies, and he now owns more than $20 million in property in the small country. At 2,500 acres, that’s a nice little chunk of New Zealand. Walnuts are delicious, but how much would you be willing to spend on a farm to grow your own? Where does Cameron even find the time to tend to his new walnut farm? These are the questions that unfortunately don’t have answers.

#1 – Race Horse (Jay-Z)

In 2014, the horse racing world was taken by storm thanks to California Chrome, the horse that almost won the first triple crown since Affirmed did in 1978. Even though Chrome came up short, he still became an incredibly popular horse with an enormous price tag. As one of the richest people in music history, Jay-Z has been known for his lavish purchases.

California Chrome went up for sale, since horse racing careers are quite short lived. Jay-Z handed over $55 million to get the famous pony. While that might seem like a ridiculous purchase, it’s actually an investment. While Chrome is not going to win any more races in the big time, he can still be used as a stud (for breeding). It would be fun if Jay-Z planned on racing the horse himself in a few races, but we probably won’t be seeing that happen.

So what is the most ridiculous thing you have ever purchased? Was it anywhere in the neighborhood of $55 million? We’d love to hear about it!

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