Hostel Facilities in Afghanistan

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 Hostel Facilities in Afghanistan: On the globe different dormitory supervision program provide different form of features nevertheless sad to say seeing that Afghanistan can be certainly one of progress nation as well as authorities provide most features free of charge pertaining to individuals consequently seeing that vital scenario as well as financial vital inside Afghanistan your dorms usually are not triggerred along with modern well type as well as technological innovation.

Mainly there is certainly a couple of form of features, your features in which without a doubt been with us in the dorms similar to energy, water heater, as well as protection protects, as well as features in which college student providing pertaining to them selves similar to carpeting, supporter, drape, wonderful mattress sheets as well as restroom issues.

USAID ended up remodel your Kabul Dormitory, at this point they've far more features as compared to various other province they've laundry, dining area, stockpile plus more space.


These people restore the entire structures, nevertheless various other province similar to Herat city provides plenty of issues there's no features pertaining to individuals exclusively pertaining to child dorm, many people also 17 can not really whine because the authorities doesn't need virtually any budget until several NGO aid as well as build the constructing pertaining to dormitory.

Purpose regarding Hostel Supervisor: Hostel supervision organization have been selected by simply ministry regarding larger education inside Kabul University or college as well as inside province provides selected by simply school group your administrator supervise your supervision as well as administrative regarding dormitory accommodation. In such cases hostel supervision program is recognized as your hostel administrator. 

The actual functions of the hostel administrator would handle your followings:

  • Daily dormitory oversight
  • Developing preservation
  • Guards
  • Wellness, regulations as well as safe practices of the occupants shown under.

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