How I earn $200+ and counting! Doing legitimate online tasks in my free time

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Hi guys, this is me again Francis. As an I.T. professional, I always look for other ways to earn income/money online. I believe that with determination and the right mindset, you could do more in life and earn more also. Because most of the time I got no time to get commitments for online work that has fixed hours every day, I decided to look for other freelance work that is a legitimate and paying plus having clients that are in the software industry for many years by now. It is where I saw Spare 5. 

It is an online tasking website that gets workers also known as "Fivers" to do tasks that are available on their platform. The new name of the company that holds Spare 5 is now "Mighty A.I." 

As the name implies, it has clients that need to make the computer think like a human, see like a human and hear like a human. 

A.I. means artificial intelligence in the field of computer science. And the fivers will be the one to do tasks in order for the AI to learn how to segment lines, distinguish voices and even objects that are on the road. 

As a fiver, I really enjoy the tasks that are coming in my account because it is easy to do and takes minimum effort to do and especially, the pay per task is great! Trust me when I say it's great, it's really that great for your effort every task.

There are levels, wherein the more level you gain in a particular task, the more you are qualified and you will get access earlier to new tasks. The tasks can be accessible by either laptop, desktop, and mobile.

If you are ready to do this, you can sign-up using my link below:


And this is my earnings screenshot too. Later Friday will be the day where I will receive another payout. Hoping to see you there!money

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