How I Found Out I was Pregnant?

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Thursday night was as normal as the other days of the week. There was work, James and I had decided to go to SM City Seaside so we can buy the things we will be bringing back to Bohol by Friday night. It would be a long weekend since Monday's a holiday in the Philippines because it is the Philippines' Independence Day and it would be the best time to go home for a three-day weekend.


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We arrived at SM City Seaside at 8:15 and went directly to ACE hardware, bought the water dispenser and other important stuffs but while we were on our way to the cashier, I felt pain in my stomach. It was so sudden that I had to bend down to my knees. James then have to let me sit down first and wait for him. I bought mango juice to fill my stomach but the pain still won't go away so we had to go back home immediately. As we were on our way, I was just keeping the pain to myself but each time we pass by a bumpy road, the pain was unbearable but I have to hold it until we reach home.

As we arrived home, I immediately went to bed face down and find the best position to make the pain bearable. The pain stopped but after some time, it kept coming back. I was wanting to sleep so I can forget the pain but it didn't stop at all. The pain wa unexplainable that I feel my stomach pulling whatever organ I have down in there at a point where I could no longer get up from bed when it attacks. There was also this feeling of wanting to go to the comfort room but whenever I get to sit in the toilet, nothing gets out and I would just be sitting there for some time and no results at all so I have to go back to bed.

That night, I tried my best to sleep but the pain would make me wake up again and again. I would lie to bed with whatever position yet the pain won't go away. The pain goes into my stomach and would then crawl down to my backbone to the rectal area like something's gonna come out.

That morning, the pain worsen. I had a hard time getting out of bed and I was already crying because of the pain. James couldn't help but feel pity on me so he decided that we should go to the Chong Hua hospital and admit me so we would know what is causing this and would eventually ask help to stop the pain.


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So we headed to Chong Hua Hospital, it was raining too which added some down feeling, I couldn't really help but cry each time the pain comes and would pray that it won't be a huge problem.

We went straight to the Emergency Room, some available nurses entertained us, asked for details on how I am feeling and what were the things that had happened. After which I was brought inside and some more nurses started asking me again about my situation, pressing some parts of my stomach asking if that hurts or what until the resident doctor advised that I should go through a CT scan procedure.


My situation at the hospital. Photo is mine.


The nurses gave me a small container which I will have to put my urine so they can check if I am pregnant or not. Based on my last menstruation, it has almost passed one month yet I still have not been visited again so they have to make sure.

Although having a hard time walking, I had to force myself to go to the comfort room and pee. Gladly, I managed to fill the container and gave it to the nurse assigned.

We waited and the doctor surprised my husband, James and I that I am positive 4 weeks pregnant!


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It was sure and the happiness seemed able to take the pain away temporarily. The CT scan can't proceed this time, instead they have advised that I should go through PAP smear and TVS to check on the baby's situation.

PAP Smear

This test is also called a PAP test. It is a screening procedure for cervical cancer. It tests for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix.

It was an embarrassing experience and it was my first time to go through this procedure and I thought I should face it because it is already part of life specially in this stage where I am married and is also pregnant.


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I thought of not including this in the story but I guess it is required so I apologize for those who think this is unnecessary but just skip this part here in case you don't like to learn about the procedure.

I was transferred to the OB Gyn room and then they had be take off my pants and everything under that. They placed a disposable linen on the bed. I lie down with my legs bent in a position like I was going through labor. The doctor told me not to be embarrassed about it and they started pouring water to clean me up. Then the doctor asked me inhale and she put something metallic inside which I can't explain. She scraped something from there and placed it in a plate. She then performed IE.

IE means Internal examination and cervical dilation. This procedure is often performed when a woman's cervix is opening it is called dilating. These cervical changes can be measured by the caregiver doing an internal vaginal examination with their gloved fingers during labor, often referred to as a VE or vaginal examination, or perhaps an 'internal'.

That was done by the OBgyn and tried some more test. I felt pain when she was doing that and told her about it. Her findings:

She was thinking that I might be having ectopic pregnancy and that I should be going through a TVS because the PAP smear would not be able to see that case. I agreed with her and so we waited for my HMO approval.


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By the way, Ectopic pregnancy, also known as tubal pregnancy, is a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo attaches outside the uterus. Signs and symptoms classically include abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Less than 50 percent of affected women have both of these symptoms. The pain may be described as sharp, dull, or crampy. Pain may also spread to the shoulder if bleeding into the abdomen has occurred. Severe bleeding may result in a fast heart rate, fainting, or shock. With very rare exceptions the fetus is unable to survive.

That explanation saddened me.


Since the OB can't find anything wrong in my PAP Smear except for some infection which can easily be healed by an antibiotic which will have to be placed inside me. TVS was recommended, TVS means Transvaginal Scan.

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Most doctors agree that it is safe to have a transvaginal scan (TVS) in early pregnancy. A TVS is most commonly done to confirm that you are pregnant. The scan can: Detect the presence of an embryo.

So I was brought to the ultrasound area after my HMO approved it. Then the doctor asked me to lie down the same way as how I did during the PAP Smear procedure. She then placed inside me a long stick and the monitor infront of me showed these images of black and white moving as she moves the stick. After a few minutes of moving the stick here and there, she was done. The results:

There was no embryo detected. As per the doctor, since it is still 4weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is not yet visible. It is more likely a blood at this point and that is not yet detectable. She advised that I should go back for tests after two weeks.

So that was normal and I was brought to our room and wait for further advise.


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This ultrasound is another option done to check the full abdomen for my liver and appendix. At six in the morning on my second day at the hospital, someone knocked hard on our room and told us it was my schedule for ultrasound. This was very early but I was glad it was early. I was on a wheel chair for easy and faster transportation. James was with me of course going down to the Ultrasound section of the hospital. There I also found other patients. I was asked to get into the room and the doctor advised me to lie down.

The doctor picked up her gel, she put some on the instrument which looked like a deodorant stick, and started pushing into my stomach. Note that the doctor let me also lie with my two hands up and asked me to inhale and exhale while she was doing the ultrasound test.

My stomach was not hurting anymore and she advised me that there isn't any problem with my liver and appendix so I should not worry about anything. That ended it and she asked me to grab tissues and take the gel out of my stomach. That only took around less than ten minutes I guess.


While I thought it would only take me one day in the hospital, it took more which I became bored as well as my husband. I had done nothing but watch TV, eat and sleep.


Beautiful day in Cebu on our third day in the hospital. Photo is mine.

So on our third day at the Chong Hua hospital, I asked the doctor if we should go home now. However, since the doctor was not around, I'll have to wait for her advisory.

The OB Gyn who had attended to me advised me to come back after two weeks and then let me decide as well for my prenatal and other pregnancy tests.

On these times when we were already at the room, the pain in my stomach started fading and I was not anymore feeling it so I had asked the resident doctor if it is okay for me to go.


Lunch served for the patient. Photo is mine.


I dislike hospital food meals. Photo is mine.


This is the point which at some point makes me regret going to the Chong Hua hospital and was one of the major reasons why I dislike going either - bills.


Our bills for the three day-two nights stay. Photo is mine.

Good thing I have Philhealth and two HMOs. I am currently under my husband's Intellicare health insurance while my company provided me with PhilCare. James preferred Intellicare and almost regretted it as the liason officer kept on advising us that it would be possible that they won't shoulder the admission because of the pregnancy condition.

It was just disappointing that an HMO keeps telling that to us even if the first complaint was not really related to the pregnancy, in fact I was not even aware that I am pregnant in the first place!

Anyways, billing and anything concerning money is indeed an arguable matter. James was calm enough and said he is just willing to pay as long as we can get out of the Chong Hua hospital.

What matters to us now is that I am not feeling any pain anymore and more importantly, we are pregnant!

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