How Philosophy Shapes Our Day to Day Lives

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How Philosophy Shapes Our Day to Day Lives

If wisdom, wit and thinking were to be defined in one word, it would be 'philosophy'. It has been a cause of great intellectual tussle among erudite believers, both scientific and non scientific as to how philosophy shapes our lives. In fact, most argue that philosophy doesn't impact our lives at all. It is esoteric and something


that fascinates idle people in leisure. But the truth is that if things begin gaining momentum it is due to philosophy. Thought sparks it, reason assists it and logic backs it. That's how philosophy percolates in our lives and that's where its significance lies.


Philosopher is the inquisitive one, evoking questions and then reasoning them out. Just imagine how the world would be without questions like: Who is god, does he exist, what are my beliefs, are they relevant etc. But it is not just questions philosophy seeks to arise and answer. There are bigger aspects that require contemplation like beliefs, human existence, emotions, values and more. If it is simply put, philosophy is the understanding of things in general.

How Day to Day Lives Get Philosophized

When you seek answers to "how philosophy shapes our day to day lives" doesn't it strike as the first step towards philosophy? So it all begins with curiosity and a quest to find answers.

Reflecting Consequences - You weigh everyday decisions within the parameters of - right and wrong, good or evil, and, profit or loss. Well all this requires reasoning, analytic thinking and counter thoughts. You wouldn't be able to rationalize them unless you didn't cultivate a thorough understanding to reflect the consequences of your decisions. This is something which you have, and will gain throughout your life.

Filter's Knowledge - Education and its development would not be possible if there were no philosophy. Most people think philosophy makes it difficult to appreciate simpler things. But it is the difficult things that philosophy simplifies. What you get as the final product is a well evaluated piece of information. It is always easy to understand and mull further.


Philosophy Revolutionized Thinking -Thoughts are constant part of human existence. They would have remained consistent, bland and without analysis if there was no philosophy. The ability to draw thoughts, color it and then balance it against paradigm of objectivity rests with philosophy.

Sharpens Intellect - The biggest power of our brain is that it can think and formulate its own notions. Philosophy adds the right flow to this process. For example if you believe in God then there are reasons why you do so. You will have numerous arguments in support of your stand. If you are defied at any point of time then you'll have ready reason to back your stand. Philosophy is the whetstone on which wisdom sharpens its intellect.

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