How to Maintain or Continue Goodness to Help Eradicate Hate and Pain (3 of 3)

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Welcome to the last part of this hate/hurt series.

Because of doing these blogs, I now understand why Jesus advocated charitable work and helping our fellowmen and loving our neighbors etc. These acts help people experience positive things in this world, making us move towards doing good to others too. There are people who have a habit of paying it forward due to them being grateful for what they have received. If they have been helped in times of need, they in turn will help other people. If they have received kindness, they in turn will be kind to others.

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If you've read the second part of this series, you will see that we will all need to change for the better in order for hate and pain to be reduced. Change can be truly difficult when we need to leave behind a lot of people or things in our lives, that we've gotten used to, just to be a better person.

We are all affected by our body conditions, emotions, ideas, thoughts and the society or culture we are living in. We all become irrational when our feelings are triggered. We can only pray too maybe to have even a tiny bit of the same mind/emotion mastery and the skills/knowledge of people like Jesus, Buddha etc. I'm sure it is tough to be a living saint and also difficult to be like a hero fighting for the good but it must be worth it if we believe we can go to heaven when we die.

So aside from the 5 Things We Can Do to End the Cycle of Hating and/or Hurting Other People, you can watch this video too.

(Video credit: The Speakmans - The Worlds Leading Life Change Therapists via YouTube)


 With that, let us go on to our topic shall we.


♦ How to Continue Reducing Hate and Hurt ♦

1. Donate and give support to and/or join people/organizations who make people act on good causes or make good products/services that help uplift mankind.

This helps keep more people away from doing bad deeds.

We can donate many things like material items (cash, food, old clothes or blood etc.), we can donate our skills and knowledge (make some products or design items, etc.) or volunteer to groups that give support to people by simply listening to their concerns and providing moral support and encouragement.

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It's important to note though that when we donate and give support, we need to encourage people to stand on their own as well and not always depend on charitable institutions because some people begin to think they are owed these charity items when they get used to it.

There are those who don't even work at all or do anything for a living because they are given alms or food by charitable institutions all the time. That's being lazy and abusive. Not all of them are like that but there are more of them in my opinion. Why do you think some people have relatives who do not work but expect to be given money every month? Why do you think there are street beggars? 

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I've heard of local stories that when some of the beggars or poor street people are given the opportunity to own a new house by the government they actually have it rented out instead and they still stay or live back in the streets. Perhaps they do it out of habit or what not, who knows? Something is lacking if you just give people stuff without educating them and making them really live better lives.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

What I suggest is to donate and/or join charities, movements or advocacies that encourage actual social and positive change thru the actions they make people do to help improve people's personal lives. This can include enhancing people's talents, creating products as a continuous livelihood source or helping the planet like doing environmental cleanups with talks on the importance of not polluting the ocean, research projects and experiments on products that reduce plastic waste, etc.

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What are other ways we can continue helping ourselves and those who hurt us aside from what I mentioned above and discussed in the 2nd part of this series? Well some examples can be, if someone is not paying their debt to you then it is better to help them learn how to make more or manage their money. If you see something wrong done by someone like a missing household or office item or failing work metrics, it is better to provide consultation first and offer assistance if they need it or train the people to be better instead of punishing outright.

If someone in turn corrects us, we must bite our tongue for its initial reaction, be gracious and take it with a grain of salt because we cannot always be right all the time. Also, if we help each other think for ourselves and provide articles, books, videos etc., for us to learn about what is the better and proper way of doing anything then I think that's another way of donating and supporting. 



2. Start your own charity or social work event/s and activities.

If in case you'd rather want to run your own project in your community, you can always do so. Some examples can be organizing a neutering drive for stray cats and dogs in your town or village or perhaps organizing an environmental tour and clean up drive to help educate more people about the effects of pollution or how to help preserve endangered species, etc.

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Some people put up their own pet shelter and adoption center, what starts as two cats or dogs saved, then becomes more.  It's up to you if you'd like to start a charity work for people or animals or even the environment.

Start small and then once you're used to doing such you can then move to organizing bigger ones. Maybe one day you will eventually have your own charity project or events company if you'd like, right?

Even if you just do some kind of charity work once or twice, it's already a big help to the world. It can help spread more of doing good deeds to others.



3.  Pay it Forward

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Simply doing good to others is enough to make their life better and spread it to others. Paying it forward and being kind and generous to other people make you instantly likable, and you also get more good karma by sharing your blessings. :D

Marc and Angel, a popular online life coach couple, has a list of 60 ways to pay it forward. Some of what's in the list include complimenting someone (genuinely), recycling, inspiring others online and/or donating cat/dog food at animal shelters.

There is a science behind how paying it forward is mostly effective. Psychologists have done research and social experiments on it and most of them says the good outweigh the bad when doing this so just continue doing good and more people will experience it and spread it around.

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Helping others come in different forms. You don't need to give back to them the same way they did to you. Positive reciprocity means for example, if someone gave you food when hungry, you can write posts about the benefits of charitable works therefore making the public more aware of it. Or if someone lent you money, you can buy the stuff you need and create artwork/designs that show how loans or donations can help create more projects in our society. 

When we give hope and care to each other, even to strangers and the poorest of the poor, this can make us feel better and it can change our mindset to help each of us become better people. Better people will also make our planet better. Easier said than done I know but we can do this little by little if we do it one step at a time.



♦ Let Life Challenges Make Us Better People ♦

I believe that to continue the fight against this seemingly never ending cycle of hate, hurt and pain we just need to keep practicing kindness and goodness and striving to change/transform ourselves into better people everyday of our lives. Let us use our existing pains and/or disabilities and turn them into our strengths to help ourselves and other people. Let us make our hurts be the starting point for success and helping others realize the need for change to be a success too. (Remember that the oysters produce precious pearls by constantly being irritated by sand.)

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When we are experiencing hardships, it is only during the worst of the worst that we remember to turn to God for help. Some people still don't even remember Him at that point unless other people tell them to start praying. If we suddenly experience hardships, that's when we mostly remember God but if we remember that these hardships and challenges bring us closer to God then we shouldn't feel so bad, right? (Perhaps we should start praying and thanking Him everyday. Haha.)

Occasionally looking up to the heavens and realizing He is here for us and blesses us each and everyday is so much better than thinking negatively all the time.  Being pompous towards others because of our talents or riches is not going to help either, it will only bring us lower in the eyes of God as we continue to hurt our fellowmen. We should not waste our lives in vain in trying to be better than everyone else and being unhappy getting rich. It's better to share our knowledge, time, talents and blessings as well to other people to make everyone's life worth it and wonderful.

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When we're depressed or anxious and more focused on just ourselves and what we feel, we tend to see life negatively and do more bad things than good. We tend to be reactive and turn away the good things in life rather than become more proactive and happy. As I've written in the 5 ways to reduce hate in this world, one solution to dispelling those mental health problems that give rise to hate is to help other people. Helping others can actually make us happier, even when we are hurting, and reduces or removes our anxiety and sadness thus reducing the spread of more hate and pain. 

Now that we know all that, let's share more kindness and goodness to everyone as much as we can. (^_^)


* * * * * * * * * *


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Do you have other ideas that can spread more love and caring instead of hate/pain? What else can help us maintain goodness to prevent hate and pain from spreading or growing?  Do share below!

Let me also leave you with this encouraging video about self love so we can continue to keep ourselves from hating other people like we talk negatively to ourselves. 

 (Video credit: The School of Life via YouTube)


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Because over the past several years I’ve read all the self-help books I could and more, I’m sharing this with everyone. It’d probably make me richer if I wrote a book or do what other life coaches or motivational speakers are doing but I haven’t decided on that yet. Am happy to write and share it this way for whoever is looking to help themselves and others. I've written several self help articles to increase awareness to these topics as much as the famous and inspirational people helped me.

If what I write doesn’t resonate or work for you, you’re free to find something else that will. No one knows you more than yourself.

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