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I am sure that most of you are aware on how to install fonts in your computer but since I had no other thing in mind to blog about and that I have just downloaded some cute chalk style fonts in my computer, I will instead blog about it.

I made a video tutorial as well on how to do it so you can have a reference. But the video is in the bottom of the blog, let me tell you how to do it first.

1. Most fonts from the web are saved in a zipped file, you'll just have to unzip them and save all of the unzipped files together in one folder, this is not necessary though but it is better to be organized.

2. Open Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Font
You'll easily find it I am sure about that.

3. Select all of the fonts by either using your mouse, right click and hit select all or on your keyboard you hit CTRL+A.

4. You got two options again, either to copy the fonts from the downloaded folder and paste it to the Fonts folder in the control panel or drag them all after selecting everything. I like to drag them but it will mess up if you got a bad mouse.

Either of the two options, it will install the fonts to your pc.

5. Now you can test if they were really installed by opening any program which will use fonts, on my end, I have Adobe Photoshop.

That's easy right? Now please check the video:

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