How to be effective on accomplishing your Goals

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Meta description: “helpful points that enables you to scope up with you goal and to be successful with a minimum effort and short period of time.”

The basics about effectiveness

Some people think that to be effective, it is time taking and being professional process. Their idea is not that much far from the reality. On contrary in my opinion, you can be effective in your goal regardless of ability and professionalism. There are some helpful tips on this post to help you in reaching into you dream Goals. I like the proverb that says “don’t tell your dream to people just show them” means you must be action taker. According to studies there three type of person:-

  1. Action taker: - These people are very near to come to action rather than figuring and set up principles and theories. They don’t want to make researches about that specific concept or field of study. It is clear that action taker is a key for quick task implementation on most kinds of project with specified limit of duration.
  2. Theorist: - People with kind of character are quietly different from Action taker Group is a behavior and understandings. And also important for setup, modeling core principle and direction on the process. They are less involved in action time or season. They know the idea on how to run the process but less on implementing practically.
  3. Hybrid: - These people have the combination of both (action taker and theorist) character and motive. They can involve in both sectors and most of the time there output is fairly acceptable and sometimes the better one.

If you are in Hybrid category, you can fulfill your task easily. Being in high degree of Actionist or theorist may not be fulfill+quality because one of the character from this combination (fulfill+quality) may be unreached.

Helpful points which should be consider concerning your Goals.

First term

  • Realize your dream
  • Realize your goal

On both points ask yourself the five W’s…

-What is your dream/goal?

-why your dream/goal would be so important to you and others, list the advantages.

-when you want to reveal your dreams/Goals?

-where do you want to apply it?

-who are the target beneficiary people or community.

Second term

  • How to setup and run your dream successfully in to the next and last step implementation.

After you are ready to startup,

-set up a boundary schedule on startup date and due date.

-decide assistant persons you need on the process.

-don’t expect very encouraging result just in on the beginning of the process and don’t give-up!

-start you work (implementation procedure).

-evaluate and asses you progress at least once a week.

-pour out your faults and go ahead with the positive sides.

-at the time of work, use the following system on time management.

->Work for 30 minutes and Take a Rest for 2 minutes, repeat this step on each of working duration.

- allow your assistants to give their comments and ideas.

Generally, thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoy and found it useful. Please let me know your comments and suggestions.


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