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 Did you know that you could recycle practically anything and everything in your home? Isn’t that awesome? In an increasingly environmentally conscious society, we seek for better ways to help our communities by emphasizing the three R’s, reducing, reusing and recycling that is.

 I think the greatest pointer for all of us is before we choose to dump anything in the trash, very quickly ask yourself the question of can I sell this on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or any thrift store?

 Majority of the time the answer will be in fact yes! You’d be surprised how true the statement of “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” truly is.

 Some items that we can sell on any one of these websites and we don’t always realize are reclaimed wood, old electronics, metal scrap, old lamps, wall décor, televisions, and sports equipment.

 Another great item that can be sold almost anywhere, donating to children’s shelters, the Salvation Army and practically any thrift store are the wonderful world of books. Better yet, host a yard sale and invite your neighbors or leave them outside your door on a sunny day.

 Some items that we don’t realize can really help someone in need are reading glasses that can be donated and are always needed, toys to children’s shelters, old clothes to the Salvation Army and clean blankets to various animal shelters are always in demand.

One of the greatest tips so simple and something we already do on a daily basis,  Google it! Whenever attempting to throw out any electronics, definitely think twice.

 Many companies accept old printers for credit or free recycling. Ink cartridges are easy as pie; when you go to buy your new ink, simply give Staples your old cartridges.  Now, if you don’t really like Staples, then simply look online for some awesome websites that recycle.

In the end, the greatest thing we can do to benefit our wonderful environment is to try and incorporate those wonderful three R’s into our daily lives.

 So live happy, try to help the planet we all have to share and think twice before throwing anything out; you never know when your ‘garbage’ will be someone’s treasure.  Simply, be the king of recycling!

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