How to become Successfull in your life!!!! (Don't forget to BUZZ)

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In todays world every one wants success in his or her life..

here are few tips to get success in your life its very simple and easy to understand::

1 = Very Important and first thig is that you must have dream, target and goal or have certain vision that what you want to do and what is your dream and what is your passion actually is and what does your heart says you want to be or do??

once if have found what you want to do than it is very simple to follow my next tip to read...


2- Once you came to know that what your heart says now you are at 2nd stage .. on this stage you start watching videos of those people who are doing .. what you want to do .. and start meeting those people .. Here to have to learn more and more to grow in your field so start sitting with people who has same dream as yours.. and gather much and more information and knowledge of that particular work which you are gonna do..


3- now once you have basic info and knowledge about what your dream is and what you have to do now is start working slowly but without expecting any thing as in start you will fail definately because you are new .. but keep trying for example if you want to become singer .. start singing and give time to singing so what ever you want to do .. give time and practice what you have learned so far..


4- Is very important that is CONFIDENCE ... Believe that if some one else can do that .. you can also achieve your dream .. you can live your dream .. you have all abilities to achieve the dream .. you have have power .. and power is just is in inner belive so beleive that YOU CAN DO THAT..

now if nobody has done that work which you are gonna do .. you should have optimistic approach that you must do that .. you are special and you can do that .. and am sure you will do that..


5 - is Consistency - never stop what are you doing and practicing until you achieve what you have desired .. work work work until  you succeed.. it is as simple as that.. :)


6 - Last thing is Be happy and enjoy what ever you are doing if you are not you must leave but if you enjoying your work .. then you are going to be where ever you want to be..


and last most important thing is teach others what you have learned .. help others .. if you do follow these basic steps you will be there at your dream position :) :)


Good luck and don't forget to BUZZ if you liked it ..

thank you


Ali Salahuddin = aarosh

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