How to bring Peace in Afghanistan?

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“Peace is the best phenomenon, the precious commodity, the greatest treasure, the bright notion, the happiness of life, the filler of pure heart, the vital for growth, the state for quiet, the state for love and the best solution for Afghans. 

Afghanistan, our sad homeland will be peaceful, if we wish and have faith on ourselves. This is our fault to meet these pains and decide to live like this right now. Pretend that you are joining as member of group work, suddenly something goes wrong and creates problem for all, no one accept  this fault, members don’t think for the solution just escaping from it, the work stops and can’t continue on the time that everyone life belongs to this work, so as a member what will you do? You will leave the work and stop living? Or you well combat against the problem?

As an Afghan we need to think about a quiet place, which is free from disturbance, anxiety, agitation and riot of violence. Finding best answers for the question of How to bring peace in Afghanistan? Is the way to have that quiet place.

In my view we can bring peace in Afghanistan to follow these steps:

  • Forming of home loving sense: making heart to love Afghanistan and Afghans, through media and positive propaganda.
  • Stop focusing on our differences: accept that what I’m and what you are right now and don’t think who I am and who you are. With a word to say keep unity!
  • Protecting and controlling the borders: no acceptation of entering or exiting unknown people without permission of Afghan government through the borders.
  • Providing work placement: providing work placement by the government and private sectors is the essential factor to think on. Government must not respect the outside workers than Afghan workers.
  • Building of free and responsible press: media has important role in public opinions, it can damage and can change the opinions, so responsible press and media will have an especial role to bring peace in Afghanistan.
  • Serious attention on Justice: focusing on truth will change the main of enemies too.
  • Create culture for loving and respecting of each other: by creating ways of love and respect to each other we will have a different culture in our country.
  • Keep attention on policy of outside countries: it is also important for politics to keep attention on foreign policy about our country.
  • With families: an easy way to start work for bringing peace is family. Solving families problems is the way for solving society problems.
  • Using of Constitution: the best way to continue a life with peace is using of constitution and corrects supervision.
  • Establishment of regular Democratic government: political disagreements and bullets can change with debates and democracy. Positive democratic government made by all people and they are its owner not a person, so this kind of government is the best way for bringing peace in Afghanistan.
  • Empowerment of National Police and National Army: it is also important to empower our National police and army to save borders, fight with enemies and catch criminals
  • Resolving of Political discrepancy: by resolving these kinds of problems we will have a friendly home.
  • Women attending:  attending of women in social, political, economical and cultural sites can also bring peace in Afghanistan. Women make half of our population, so without one hand we can’t drive a car.
  • Economic upraise:  the most effective way for bringing peace in Afghanistan is to upraise economic of families and community. People need money and for finding that, they are doing all the things such as fight.
  • Voting for a capable person: you are free to vote for anyone you wish in presidential elections. To vote for a capable person you will be save too.

Peace is all the thing you wish, want, need, have or find, so let’s bring peace in Afghanistan!

BY: Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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