How to Connect EON Card and PayPal Account

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How to Connect EON Card and PayPal Account

You can start by signing up an account on Paypal. I suggest to use your real information. Once done with your registration, the next step is your bank account.Go to UnionBank’s website and click the icon for EON Cyber Account. Once there, Click “Enroll here” and fill up the application. Once done, you will receive your reference number and the pick-up branch through email and a text message. Go to that branch and bring with you a photocopy of your valid ID, as well as ₱350.00 for your first annual fee. Deposit at least ₱500.00, including the annual fee because you will still have to verify your Paypal Account.

If by chance there is no UnionBank branch near your place, you just have to go to any branch and bring with you the same requirements. Fill up the form and submit it together with the requirements. You will have to wait for 5 banking days before you receive your EON Visa Debit Card.

Now that you have with you your EON Visa Debit Card, all you need to do is link it to your Paypal. To link them together, you will have to add your debit card to your account in Paypal and verify the latter. Log in to your Paypal account. Under the Profile tab, click ‘Add/Edit Credit Card’ or just simply click “Get Verified” on the Account Overview. Fill up the form to request for the 4-digit EXPUSE Code. Paypal will deduct ₱100.00 from your bank so make sure that you have at least ₱150.00 in your account. You will receive the 4-digit EXPUSE Code in your EON Cyber Account. Log in and view your last 10 transactions. The code will look something like “VISA-PP*####CODE”. Once you receive the 4-digit EXPUSE Code, Paypal will reimburse the ₱100.00 that was deducted.

Now that you have with you your 4-digit EXPUSE Code, go back to your Paypal account and click “Get Verified” on the Account Overview. Enter the 4-digit EXPUSE Code and once you click submit, you’re done.

Please be reminded to input the same information in your Paypal Account and EON Cyber Account to avoid problems from occurring in the future.

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