How to drive safely with your Smartphone

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As technology making our life easier, but in certain things technology cannot outright solve, and distracted driving is one of them. The Thing that can certainly prevent driving while talking, texting, E-mailing and web browsing on the phone….. All of them can be and have been deadly dangerous — is for drivers to commit to not doing any of them. But in actual the problem is seems to be getting worse and worse.


The one best solution to that is your Phone should turn off every time you drive, but who seriously do that? So the very next best thing is to find some ways to limit the diversion the device creates while driving. If you’re worried about texting while driving, or looking for something that make easier to ignore your phone, here is app that sure to come in handy. Now you just need to make sure that you not install this app while driving!


Drive Safely Free is the app that will help you to concentrate on the road and eventually prevent road accident. After the app installation, you just need to active the drive mode before the ride the car or bike etc .This app, then will cancel the calls coming for you and will send them a message that your driving a car, bike or even when you’re sleeping etc.


In the case of emergency, the caller should call the person within 1 minute after his/her 1st call. If they call you within a minute, the app will disable and the phone rings. There are three options to use. 


1.     Driving car: sends a message that you’re driving a car

2.     Driving bike: sends message that you’re driving a bike

3.     Custom: sends your customized message. (Sleeping message is recommended)

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