How to Earn with Bitlanders Check this out

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Now once you have sign-up and log in .. Now the real work starts ,
The most easy to be done ..

Many of You fellows have already used Facebook and twitter ,
All of You have to do on bitlander account is to post things like you do on FACEBOOK & TWITTER and other social Sites.
As on Facebook people do like your posts & on Twitter people re-tweet your posts so same as here on bitlander people do Buzz your Posts .
The More you get buzzes the More will b your earning .

Here is the best way to earn big on bitlander .. Bitlander Pays in BTC
Btc Is a soft currency.

And the international Rate of 1 btc = 278 USD $$ Right now .

You can easily make 1 btc in a month if you work exactly the way i tell ..
Start subscribing people as many people as you can .. Try to subscribe more then 5000 people .. Though it's tough but this is real trick .
Once you get a lot of subscribers your Earnings will be FANTABOLUS .. 
Once you get 5000 Subscribers then you don't need to exchange with people and do need to get and ask for subscribing and buzzes .. 
Your every posts will be viewed by 5000 people and nearly 500 people will be giving you buzz on every post which is too much and you will earn 2 BTC a month .. 

                                                    More Earning Trick on Bitlander . 

   1. GET 5000 Subscriber

   2. Make 10 Microblogs posts Daily

   3. Upload 1 Short clip daily of little seconds

   4. Upload 1 blog daily
   5. upload 5 pictures in gallery

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