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 Let’s all think of one of our greatest shared childhood memories by almost every child across the globe that is, kite flying. We can all remember the excitement when we finally constructed our very first kite, amazed at the fact that this contraption we built with our own two hands is going to fly like a bird.

 So we would go outside, fling the kite in the air as hard as our little arms let us and run as fast as possible, staring at the thing glide for a little while until, BOOM! 

We crash into a tree, or trip over our own two feet. Well, not to be a ‘negative Nancy’ over here but truth be told, there is a certain method of flying a kite that is a lot simpler and does not require any scrapes and bruises.

So, how do we fly a kite? Well, first and foremost, make sure to build your kite appropriately according to the instructions. Next, make sure you have a good location, preferably one without any obstacles in the way such as trees, buildings, statues and the like, as they cause turbulent winds for your kite.


Once you have found a good spot like an open park or beach, test the wind. Can you feel it brushing against your cheek? If yes, then it is a grand day to fly a kite. But make sure the air is anywhere between 4mph and 12mph, as these are ideal for flying kites.

 In terms of the real world, 4-7 mph should equate to trees lightly rustling and flags slowly moving in the wind. Meanwhile, 8-12 mph equates to leave moving briskly across the ground or on trees and flags flying fast. 

Now that we have that settled, here comes the easy part, flying your kite. Do not shoot it into the wind or run like a madman; instead, gently release your kite with your back against the wind. If the wind is strong enough, the kite will slowly rise.

 To keep it moving upwards in a steady motion, let out your line, tighten your grip before it reaches the ground and repeat over and over until it reaches a higher altitude.

 That’s it. Simple enough, right? Well, if you still want to run it into the sky, that’s your choice, as either way is fun when flying kites. 

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