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The rules for punctuation are conventions that have been developed through the centuries by printers and publishers and are simply devices for making written text easier to read and understand.

Punctuation helps the reader to make sense of a large piece of written communication by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable, sections; it also helps to make the appearance of the written page clearer and more attractive. In speech, we can use gestures, give emphasis to a word, or raise and lower voices to help illustrate our meaning. In written work, much of this stress and clarification must be accomplished by punctuation.

Some conventions of punctuation are obligatory and some are optional, but they should all be used with discretion and good common sense. Sentences may be rendered meaningless by lack of punctuation, or they may take on an entirely different meaning, and you should always attempt to use the correct punctuation

This is probably the most straightforward aspect of punctuation. The full stop is used to separate one sentence from anther. When you come to the end of a sentence, you use a full stop. If no full stops were used, a piece of text would be almost impossible to read or would mean something else entirely.


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