how to repair an android which is acting with a mind of its own

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Last few days, my android phone Xolo 500 club was acting as if it was possessed. it opened messages on its own, typed nnnn... and so on. Then music was not played and it skipped one song to the next. Like wise this happened to all. 

At first, I thought it was possessed. Then i googled for answers. 

if your android does this, do the following steps and you might bring back the android to a normal condition. 

1. Power off

2. Let it be off for half an hour at least.

3. format the android by following the steps provided.

4. Remove apps that are not used

5. Download cleaner apps

6. formatting will remove the apps installed but dont install them back again.

7. if possible, download software updates from your android provider

8. Use it sparingly and you might be able to use it without having to take it for costly repairs. 

9. Such incidents occur due to touchscreen glitches, so please make sure never to scratch the surface and also use a cover or keep it safely out of reach of kids. 


I hope this will help you.

clean junk files and please do not install kindle app because it is what ultimately harmed my phone. 

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