How to Spend Less this Summer Season

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The best season of the year is here! I know all of you are very much excited as to how are you going to celebrate it. This is when you think of relaxing by going somewhere,making the most out of it., spending it to your family, friends or loved-ones. But the question does not lie on you because I know you are physically and emotionally ready, it depends largely on your budget. Is your savings enough for you to enjoy summer outings and vacations? Will your bank account provide you to pay bills during summer? 

Summer trips don’t need to be luxurious or expensive for that matter as there are brilliant ways to enjoy an affordable vacation this season without exactly exhausting your bank account. Without careful consideration, summer plans can really begin to eat away at your bank accounts—and what fun is summer if you’re broke by the time the season is over. So here are some ways I would like to share on how are you going to spend the season without the need of having a lot of money.

 Have family picnics.


             Summer doesn't always mean sand and sea. It also means quality time for family and loved ones. Since the weather goes perfect for these gatherings, take weekends as its best for wonderful picnics at zoo or leisurely parks around your area.

 Do cooking.

             This is a great time of trying out new things which will give you an interest, and cooking is one to consider. I am not fond of cooking but to make my life a little productive, I will learn how to cook and experiment new recipe. You can utilize those ingredients available on the kitchen or perhaps do some research on a low-budget meals which you can try anytime.

 Do some fitness.

            You don't need to spend a lot of money in hitting the gym, instead, you can just browse in the internet for routines and fitness program that you can try at home. I'm going to recommend you this 30- minute bodyweight bootcamp workout which you can do anywhere. I've been trying this for weeks now, a little harder on your first try but it will go easy on you later on any way. 


Do camping.

           I'm not talking about extravagant camping trip, what I am telling is you camping just around your area. Parks are perfect to build camps overnight with your family. Whether you enjoy biking, hunting or any other outdoor activity, camping offers you a way to focus completely on a hobby for a few days without external distractions.


Making your very own beauty treatments.


          You can enjoy this with your friends. Instead of going out to spa and expensive beauty salon, you could do these stuff in your own. I have some beauty treatment that i can share to you for best home products that may use to ease some skin problems, like, for peeling skin treatments and achieving rosy skin.


Biking and hiking.

        These outdoor activities would be a great form of exercise, and aside from that you could enjoy beautiful scenery, yearn for photography opportunities, and get away from city life now and then. 

These and a whole lot more to enjoy summer without spending too much money or even needing it. You can have your own list too aside from my suggestions above. As I have said, there is more to summer than white sand beaches and crystal clear seas. Having activities with your friends around the corner is just enough to make your mood going and activated. It just a matter of setting yourself right and just make the most out what you have and create the best memories you could this season. Have a blast! 


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