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A bag is something that most of us can't afford to leave our homes without. Actually, we want to bring with us almost everything and we need a container where we could put these things for easy handling. Men, women, and children need this item with them whenever they go out of the house. 

Bags are useful accessories.  We use different types of bags depending on the purpose. Either going to work, going out for a walk, going to church or even when shopping! Yes, of course, we need a bag when we go for an out-of-town travel. We always have that something where can keep our important things. Depending on their status and interest, women can own several pieces of bags to a hundred or even a thousand. 

Some women change their bags every day and others would see to it that the bag they are using matches their clothes. Personally, I own a few pieces which I use depending on the needs. Though I don't change my bag every day. 

Hello friends! I hope you are doing fine wherever you may be at present. What we are going to talk about today is the profitability of bag sewing business. While others engaged in selling bags, we will discuss the manufacturing side which is the sewing. 

First of all, let me present some types of  Bags which we can see being used by different individuals every day...

BackPack (also called knapsack, kitbag or bookbag)


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This is a kind of bag with strap and intended to be carried on your back. Students prefer to use this type of bag because of its functionality and it's easy to carry. We can utilize the pockets for small items. Most people on the go prefer this type of bag because you can have it conveniently on your back while having your hands free to perform other tasks. Just see to it that you don't have any valuable item or cash on the outside pocket because it will be easy for individuals with bad intention to steal it. 



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Also called a purse, a handbag is a kind of container that is usually used by women and put their personal items. It usually has a short strap and draped over the arm. Others preferred a way of carrying it is by holding it by hand. 

Body Bags


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Usually had longer straps which can be worn across the body. Men and women would prefer using this kind of bag for everyday use.  I prefer this type over any other type of bag. this type of bag is light and easy to carry. Very convenient when you are in public places. 



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This is a small drawstring bag which can be used to store small items and is typically kept inside a handbag or worn attached to a belt.

Phone Bag


Phone bag is a small bag intended for carrying mobile phones. This can be very saleable as this can be a perfect gift idea during especial occasions. 

Shopping Bag


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Bag women usually bring with them when shopping. This is a bag intended for carrying purchases. also called tote bag or eco-bag. In some places, plastics are not allowed anymore so we carry shopping bags with us whenever we go to the malls or groceries.

 There are actually a lot of kinds of bags available. What I presented here are some of the bags which are usually used every day. 

Bag Sewing for Business


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If there is one thing that I want to pursue aside from writing online and blogging, that is bag making. I love to make my own designs. When I was in college I was doing this activity in order to get an additional amount for my allowance. But it was a different thing then, I accept orders from customers and I would make it based on their preferred design. 

I stopped this activity when I finished my studies. My sewing machine, due to old age had also been worn out and it could no longer be used.  

However, the interest in creating and designing is still with me. I am thinking of continuing with my bag sewing business in the coming days.  Not only that it would mean having an additional source of income but it means continuing my passion. 

Here are some of the factors that we should take into consideration when starting this business.


One of the things that we need to take into considerations is our interest. Most often, if we are greatly interested in something, we give our time and dedication to perfecting the craft. For me, I would love to see that other people are actually using my creations. 

Target Market

These are the people we aim to sell our products to. We should consider their number. Their interests, source of income, and everyday activities.  

Marketing Strategies

When I was studying, I can sell products through personal interactions. I am positive that with today's advanced technology, we can reach more people, thereby increasing the number of prospective buyers.  The presence of social media and other sites can definitely help us with the marketing of our products.

Machines and other Simple Equipment


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The type of machine we are going to use is crucial in our business. a heavy duty sewing machine is one of the most important equipment we should invest in when starting out a bag sewing business.



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High-quality and beautiful designed fabric should likewise be considered when engaging in this business. We must be updated on the latest trends. Most people go with the trend.


As a bag maker, we should never go out style. Being unique and creative will certainly let us achieve success in this field. 

Time Management:

One of the most important aspect to consider in any business is time management. Almost everyone is complaining about having a limited time. Though it's true, we can make the most of our time by managing it properly to our benefits. Planning is a great part of it. 


Raising capital for business start-ups is one of the concerns of an individual who is planning to open up a business. Securing fund for our business can now be easier with the help of different institutions in the country.  

Business Permits 

We should never start anything without securing the necessary business permits and licenses. Securing every requirement before we started out will give us peace of mind and we can fully concentrate on running our business. Please refer this post for further details on securing business permits.

Here is another video which could give us useful insights in starting a sewing business. Enjoy watching!

Video Credits: Style Sew Me via Youtube

On the final thought...

With the proper strategy, high-quality products, and the right tools,  bag sewing business can be a profitable business. This is one of the businesses I am taking into consideration when I finally decided to concentrate on business.

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