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How to Start journey at

lets have some introduction about is a social platform that works like many other many other platform such as, twitter, pring etc, but good thing about is pays you for uploading, likes(buzz), surfing, and on performing daily task, and many others.

do not think thats this 26, 14 and 9 BTC(bit coin) are just a numbers, when you convert BTC into USD  dollar it pays you hundreds of dollar..

want prove?

see here BTC into USD

thats today's amount of 1 BTC.

every one can earn this, you, me, every one..

all you need is to follow some must do steps, and time..

here are 4 steps that can make you success here on

but before going to describe these steps i want to let you know about "BUZZ SCORE"

Q.what is buzz score? score decides your every days earning, more Buzz score you earn, more BTC you will earn.

check out the BUZZ score of daily's top earner.

next is, where can we see our buzz score?

answer is:

on right top you can see my current BUZZ score.


4 steps of Success:

1st step:

just afters joining you need to perform some task that would gives you gems(Diamonds shows on right of top) and after that you need to perform every day quest, that gives you 6 to 8 BUZZ.


2nd step:

after performing daily task you need to upload post in your movies section, galleries, micro blog and blog, and get daily buzz(LIKE) on your post from your subscribers, more buzz you get more BTC you will earn.

3rd step:

increase your down-line(referral), thats gives you 3 BUZZ and 20% referral commission for life.

from here you can invite your friends to join


4th Step:

write a unique blog and submit it.

fer submitting a blog a need Gems(diamonds).

Gems are basically important to submit a review for a blog. and you need 10 gems for submitting that. Now hillary and her team reviews your blog and she gives you stars out of 5 depending on how good is your blog.

if you get 5 stars on your blog then you will get 5 BUZZ daily in your score, it will increase your daily earning and worldwide ranking too..

here in this video you can see how to write a blog.

(hillary is admin of

now we will see how can i submit blog for review.

first open your blog which you want to submit.


-click on submit option.

-click on SUBMIT.

now your BLOG is submitted  for review.

after that Hillary and here team review your blog and gives her opinion about you blog.

if you get

1 star then you will get 1 Buzz score respectively for 5 days.

2 star then you will get 2 Buzz score respectively for 5 days.

3 star then you will get 3 Buzz score respectively for 5 days.

4 star then you will get 4 Buzz score respectively for 5 days.

5 star then you will get 5 Buzz score respectively for 5 days.



note: if you Gems got end then you need to buy it from here:

i hope you understand how works.

see you soon again with some tips.


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