How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie, Part III review.

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In my last blog, I've discussed the part 2 of the Dale Carnegie book, How to win friends and influence people. In this blog, I'm going to discuss the part three of the book that is about how to win people to your way of thinking.

 Part III: Win people to your way of thinking


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In my previous blog, I have discussed the first five principles of part three, in this blog, I'm going to discuss the remaining principle. So let's just begin.

Principle 1: Let other people think that it's their idea


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Whenever you are in a conversation in which you really say that this thing is supposed to be like this not like what you are trying to say, even then he will just say that he agrees with you, but believe me, he will not agree with you.

No one like to get an order or listen to something that something is supposed to be this way. If you want them to agree with you, then try to reach their emotion, and affect them so they know that they even think it is supposed to be like this.

Principle 2: Honestly see other's point to view


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We all have a varying point of view, belief, conviction, and values. When two people are talking and one is saying something is possible and the second person is saying it is impossible, both of them are right according to their point of view.

If you don't understand another person point of view, your conversation wouldn't be long enough. Just because you are not understanding their point of view. Once you start to understand their point of view, they start to open up to you and you can start to influence them and you can easily win them to your way of thinking.

Principle 3: Sympathetic with other person idea and desire


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The third principle is about, that you should be sympathetic about other person ideas and desire. Even if you know that the idea someone is giving you is wrong, don't just turn him down directly, just ask him how it is possible and discuss both idea the one you have and the one other person have.

According to that person point of view, he is right. If you tell him directly that he is wrong then he will never accept your idea, but if you sympathetically explain to him how your idea is better then he would be influenced by you.

Principle 4: Dramatize your idea


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Another thing you can do is to create curiosity in your listeners. By dramatizing your idea, not only you become an interesting speaker, but you also raise a lot curiosity in people, who are not even curious. Don't just simply say what you want to say, add a little drama in it and you'll see that you will win people to your way of thinking in no time.



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Well, it is difficult to influence people to your way of thinking and sometime it may seem impossible. But trust me I have been there where you are now, by applying these principles on my life, I have completely recreated my social life and now I have won a lot more people to my ways of thinking. And I hope the best for you and pray that even you can win people to your way of thinking with ease. So, best of luck in winning people to your ways of thinking after applying these principles in your life.


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