How Travel Can Nourish Your Relationship With Your Partner?

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Have you noticed that this generation has a lot of goals, financial goals, before reaching age 30 goals, there are even some fashion goals but the most common is the travel and relationship goals.

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True enough, traveling is now a popular thing, may it be domestically or internationally, everyone talks about the new spot to check on and travel blogs or vlogs are both on top of the "in" thing these years. Also, travel fares are cheaper because of seat sales and other promos provided by several airlines, at least in the Philippines.

This blog, however, is a list of the positive effects of what travel can do to nourish your relationship with your partner, I am promoting this given that you are married to your partner because although it is still good to travel or go out together with their boyfriends or girlfriends, it is also subject to temptation, it is better to go out with a group if you are still not married to your loved one.

1. Better Decision Making

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When my husband and I started traveling together, one of the things that we had to deal with was our decision making. It was tough and there were several times where we have to argue because of the results of our choices.

In traveling, decision making is one of the things that happens often. Every single side of the way, you'll meet something that you have to decide on, where to go next? Where to eat? What stuffs should we bring? Who's going to bring this and that? What specific area to take photos and so on.

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It is fine to argue, it is normal and it is definitely a common reaction to such but when traveling, it is important to be reminded that you are only with your partner, no other person you know of lives in this place so it is better to just cut off the argument and decide between yourselves and just feel good with whatever the outcome might be.

2. Better Money Handling

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The sad truth about traveling is that you need to shell out cash. True enough, every part of it needs cash, from the ticket to the hotel, even to the food and to get into several spots, there are entrance fees involve. When you go to the beach, there are boat rides and beach resorts that require charges, when you go to the mountain, money is still required.

Basically, money handling is important and it is one thing that as partners, you'll learn to improve on. Who should keep the allowance? Who should pay for the fare? Who should take note of every penny that was spent?

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Unless you are millionaires, then it is okay to spend and go out of your budget but if your funds are limited, then it is best to stick to your plans and spending budget. Eventually, if more travels permit in the future, it will help you as a couple to be good money spender and even budgeting becomes easy and efficient.

3. Perfect Time to Learn Each Other's Attitude

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When you are just alone together, it is the perfect time to learn about each other's attitudes, that specific attitude which only emerges when rough things happen during travel such as delayed flights, issues with travel agencies and even running out of cash.

Surely, the not so good things will bring out some not so good behaviors from your partner or perhaps it might be you personally who would break out and would show those bad characters. No one's perfect so it is definitely human to reveal the tough characters but it is important to compose yourself, keep your cool and try to be extra patient.

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It doesn't just end at learning each other's attitude, else, it should be about learning as well on how to train yourself not to give in to the bad mood. Sure there are bad days but it is just one bad day and the most important thing at the end of the day is your relationship.

If there's one thing that I have learned from my husband is that relationship is the most important thing, materials, and money, he can afford to lose but not the relationship.

4. Grow and Become Adults Together

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One thing is very certain in life when you got older, you'll realize that you don't need a lot of friends, only a few but real ones. However, in certain cases where the real friends are not there when traveling, it is your partner who's supposed to be your best friend.

On the road, you will talk a lot, you'll learn from each other's stories and you'll find comfort in finding similarities and common denominators in each other. The things that you share together will make your relationship stronger, it will nourish the bond and definitely, you'll always look forward to traveling together.

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Perhaps that's the reason why when we were starting with traveling, it became a thing that makes us look forward to the next. I would be a hypocrite if I'd say we had no more arguments, we still have some pity ones, but never had major issues anymore, we learned from all those arguments we had in the past and we definitely had learned to embrace each other's differences, making sure not to anymore do what we had done wrong in the past.

Today, when we are on the road, in a ship, in the air or even on the bus, we would cherish every issue we have, we try hard to learn from each other's mistakes, also to be extra careful with the choice of words when we get into some arguments or if ever we fight, we should always choose kindness and respect.


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After all these years, I would still give credits to our travel experiences, our fights over the tickets, over restaurant choices, arguments over money matters, the small things, the big issues, and even the tiniest stuff, our relationship is strong because of all that had happened before as well as that which will happen in the future, in our future travels.

So to those couples who want to grow together, reach those travel and relationship goals, start saving, start planning and realize your dreams together, support each other and always choose love over arguments.

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I am also sure that traveling is not applicable to all, there are couples who are not into this and that is fine as well. Find what's best for your relationship. The bottom line is that you should look for the best option to nourish your relationship, give time to each other, invest in blossoming your relationship with your life partner.

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