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When I was in last year of my university, a light way opened for me. The way that made my dreams true, the way that I wished to walk on and the way that I shared my views over the world. This way is Filmannex, a plate form for blog writing and film making.

Filmannex is a social network that pays digital currency for its users. As I am interested to work in social media and it is a part of my education and profession, so I found Filmannex a better social network to work for. I am a blog writer, when I write a blog I can share my blog to Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn through Filmannex easily. People can put their comments on my article too. Also they can share the article with their friends.

I found Filmannex the best way to indicate the wants and the pains of my people for global. This issue caused me that I write blogs into this plate form to find solution for our problems from people of the world.

I have written 51 blogs for Filmannex and 2 blogs for Womensannex. In the blogs I tried to show the facts, events, wants and problems of my people and my society.

I want people’s support to share my blogs and put their comments on my blogs, that global appose on. Thanks for your support!

Mohammad Elias Hatimi

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ELIASHATIMI
F. Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hatimi-Blogs/537577663007396
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eliashatimi2
LinkedIn: elyas.hatimi
Google Plus: elias.hatimi@gmail.com 

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