I can't live without internet

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Nowadays, internet is the most useful thing I ever known. You can make all of the researches you need in school, etc. and even in work. It's very useful for me because I blog things and I need to get the important details I need to finish my blog.

As a college student, I can't live without internet. I spend a lot of time in my researches, facebook, twitter, instagram, bubblews and bitlanders. I find myself enjoying while relaxing. I love to share my pictures, ideas, experiences and what I'm going through everyday. I want to save all my memories and share it to all of you.

Sometimes, me and boyfriend are arguing because he always get jealous of what I'm doing, that I'm always wasting my time on the internet instead of spending my whole time with him. You know guys, sometimes if I can't access internet, I feel so boring and useless. I don't know the term but maybe I feel so lonely.

Now, instead of going to bar and wasting my time on useless things I spend my time in writing articles and blogging.


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