I found a bug at FaucetBox faucets and now I'm making LOTS of BTC!

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I few days ago I was on a Faucetbox Faucets Rampage and, just for the fun of it, I started placing random BTC addresses a each one of them.
This caused a pretty obvious "bug" I didnt get anything that I claimed.

Therefore, upset about having wased my time I went to buy the newspaper, decided to do something for my life.

There was this ad there: Looking for employee, with experience at computer usage and not afraid doing repetitive tasks for hours.
Having the experience of completgin captchas at Faucets, this job was perfect for me.

At 300 "pesos"/day I'm making a little over 0.11 BTC daily! with no captchas and no browsing!

Seriously, anyone that encourages faucets as a "profit source" should try to get a job.

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